Most people wait until January to plan for the next year. There is something fresh and new about January that universally calls people to focus, change and new vision. But for most people, all of that January focus leads to resolutions that don’t make it to February.

The more serious folks, they go all out – they take retreats, have strategy sessions and lay out goals for their lives and businesses. By February, they’ve got a battle plan in place to conquer what’s on their plate.

This year, I want to encourage you to get a head start on everybody else.

What if you could hit the ground running in January? What if while everyone else around you is in planning mode, you were already implementing your plan, getting your ideas out in front and in motion? What if you had insider information that allowed you to understand how 2015 is going to play out?

What kind of leverage would that give you?

Friends, you already have that information.

In September, trusted prophets began unpacking what God is saying for 2015. We received some detailed insight about what to expect, how God intends to move and how it might impact us.

If you have been paying attention, what you already know sets you way ahead of everybody else.

The question is, how does that information effect your 2015 battle plans?

How Do You Plan For A Whirlwind Year?

The major theme of 2015 is that it will be a year of whirlwinds. I’ve discussed this at greater length here and here. We can expect sudden shifts, aggressive opposition, and incredible opportunities – all rolled up in one very messy package!

So how do you plan in the midst of a year of whirlwinds?

I think that depends on how you look at what God is saying:

  • Some people hear the message and they stash it away until something happens that causes them to remember.
  • Some can only see the word through the lens of destruction and build up walls to defend their position.
  • Some people hear words like this and pray. That’s a great place to start.
  • But some people hear “whirlwinds” and all they can see is opportunity. These are the people who start lining up their 2015 battle plans for the breakthrough they know is coming.

This weekend, I was challenged to think about what I’m doing with this revelation for 2015. You see, I’ve already been working on my plans for next year, but God reminded me of His word for this year and challenged me to re-think the plans I was making.

He let me see that even though I was trying to get ahead of the curve, my ideas weren’t big enough.  I was laying out goals for next year and planning courses and projects that I think would be helpful, but in a few moments, I realized that everything I was working on was way too small.  It was my battle plan, not His.

I was thinking through the lens of my old identity rather than the new identity that God is establishing within me.  When God says He’s going to uproot and tear down so that I can build and plant…I need to be thinking bigger. I need to engage with Him in a way that says I believe anything is on the table.

 I can’t just pursue what I can do…I need to be pursuing what I can’t do.

So do you.

Here are a few thoughts to get you moving in the right direction as you plan:

  • What does God want to break open for your business or ministry?
  • What ideas rumbling on the back burner do you need to push to the front?
  • What connections do you need to make to implement your crazy, dangerous plan for world domination?
  • Who are you called to impact in 2015?
  • If you had a sudden elevation of status, where and how would you use it?
  • What areas of society really frustrate you? What would you do if you suddenly had a voice in making real change?

I encourage you to think about these questions or write a list of your own. Whatever you do, don’t take anything that seems crazy off the table. I think we are headed for a year of crazy. Instead, take your desires to God in prayer and watch how He begins to unfold His strategy for the year ahead.

I’d love to hear about some of your crazy plans for 2015.  Send me an email or reply below.