Shelley Ozment
Shelley OzmentFounder/ Managing Director - Vanguard Creative

Thanks for coming to Vanguard Creative.  I am a writer, social entrepreneur and coach to emerging leaders and organizations.  The driving force behind everything that I do these days is to help people to discover and develop their God-given potential.  I believe that most people only scratch the surface of what is possible, leaving their creativity largely untapped.  This is a problem not only for them, but also for a world in need of innovative risk takers.

There is no question in my mind that creativity and innovation spurred by God can solve most of the world’s problems.  God doesn’t just want to see people come to know Him; He wants the goodness of Heaven to impact every sphere of society.  To that end, I am all in on the idea of a cultural renovation of society through the ideas and influence of a tribe of Holy Spirit-inspired leaders.

A Bit More About Shelley

Shelley has over 15 years of ministry experience, equipping and activating leaders from many different cultures.  She holds a BA from the University of North Texas with a certificate in Entrepreneurship and is a certified life coach. She has always possessed an entrepreneurial spirit, launching multiple successful internal start-ups during her time in ministry, including an internship program, a deliverance ministry and media/marketing department.
Shelley is the founder and Executive Director of Vanguard Creative, an online community focused on training and connecting leaders to create solutions to society’s most pressing problems.  She also writes a weekly blog and serves as a coach/ consultant for leaders and socially-minded organizations.
 Shelley is a transplanted Texan.  She and her husband, Dennis currently live in the Dallas/Fort Worth area with their daughter Mya.