Let me ask you a question?

How open are you to a person’s message after they’ve just made fun of you? Not about your differences of opinion, but of you as a person?

Have you ever been bullied and belittled into changing your mind?

 No one changes their belief system when they are attacked.

I’ve been watching the discourse of this election cycle and like the majority of America, I’m frustrated.

I’m frustrated by how I see candidates behaving.  I’m frustrated because it works.

What does Donald Trump’s hand size or skin color have to do with how well he would do as president?????

Rubio sweats too much… He has big ears.

Cruz is a con artist. No, wait, Trump is the con artist. Or is it Clinton?

Carly Fiorina doesn’t have the face of a leader.

And this is from candidates who say they are believers.

 Again, what???????  

We Need To Stop Building Walls Of Division

I’m not writing today to advocate for any particular candidate. I very purposefully stay away from that sort of thing. What I do want to speak to is the fact that we will never make headway in bringing transformation to our nation by mean-spirited name calling.

Over the last few months, my Facebook feed has been daily bombarded with demeaning posts about our President, Hilary Clinton, Donald Trump and the like.

Many of these posts are from Christians. Several from respected Christian leaders.

 I wonder what God thinks when we post this stuff.

I’m pretty sure He’s not up there saying, “Way to go…you really laid into her!”

I’m guessing He’s grieved that His representatives on earth are belittling someone He lovingly created.

I mean think about it.

We’re called to be a reflection of God’s heart and His ways. To show the world there is a better way. How will we ever have a voice to hearts that need to hear truth when we’re busy building walls with our words?

Friends, we’ve got some work to do.

It’s no wonder we have an entire generation that’s disgusted with the process. Though they may not realize it, they sense religious and political spirits.

 Gasp! – God is not a Republican

The reality is, God doesn’t fit into a box.

He’s not a Republican.

He’s not a Democrat.

He’s not an American.

As His representatives here on Earth, we’ve reduced His impact to fit the particular ideological box we live in.

His agenda is so much bigger.

He wants to bring the realities of Heaven to Earth. Things like:

  • Caring for the oppressed and disadvantaged
  • Prosperous communities
  • Properly stewarding the environment
  • Protecting the unborn

How can we bring Heaven to Earth when we reject half of what He wants to do, because it doesn’t fit with our particular political party ideology?

To accomplish what He wants to get done, we’re going to have to put down our pitchforks and see the bigger picture.

Now, I’m not in any way saying that we shouldn’t aggressively state our opinions about issues that are contrary to God’s heart. Strong, smart debate is essential.

What I’m saying is, we’ve got to stop the mocking and condescension.

God hates it.

It pushes people further from the truth.

As believers, we should be better than that. We’ll never see real change when we align ourselves with religious and political spirits. Their whole goal is to keep things just the way they are.

God wants change and we’re doggedly clinging to the status quo.

If we don’t let go, I’m afraid we’re going to continue being left behind.

We Can Be Different:

You and I can’t change what our candidates are doing.

We can’t change what our friends are doing.

But we can consider how we communicate. We can treat people with the respect they deserve as members of His creation.

We can smartly and passionately debate issues in a way that brings clarity and conviction without lowering ourselves to mockery.

We can look to the big picture of what He wants to accomplish in the world around us and seek His ways of influencing culture, rather than reinforcing religious and political walls. We want to fit His ways into the boxes we’ve created. I’m afraid we’d be shocked at what He really wants to do!

We can be voices that truly represent Him to this world. If enough of us refuse to give into this nonsense, maybe we can actually see things change.

Just a thought…