Stop me if you’ve experienced this over the last few weeks:

  • Tense conversations with co-workers/ family
  • The feeling that you are talking past people who are normally on the same page with you
  • People misunderstanding your motives or intentions (in person or via social media)
  • A general apathy or irritability
  • Confusion and insecurity about a new project/initiative

Something is happening in the spirit realm and we would be fools to ignore it.

In my last post, I talked about the resistance that comes just before you move into something new. Sometimes, the resistance is internal and sometimes it comes from unexpected places.

When you push against the enemy’s boundaries, it’s a sure bet that he’ll hit back. One of ways he does this is through confusion.

It’s interesting how confusion works:

Sometimes, it’s internal. Your thinking gets muddy. You can’t figure out how to execute ideas that seemed so clear just days before. You find yourself distracted or feeling blue for no apparent reason.

But it usually doesn’t stop there.

When you are advancing new ideas, it’s natural to experience some external opposition.  What you don’t expect is to experience opposition from an ally.

The purpose: To sow doubt and tear apart alliances so the plan dies before it can be launched.

It’s an attack on the unity we need for Kingdom-building.

As I’ve listened to people over the last few weeks, I’ve been sensing a strategic attack against kingdom-minded leaders. My thoughts were confirmed when I read this post by Lance Wallnau talking about the same thing. As we promote the need for unity, it’s our unity that getting attacked.

It shouldn’t be a surprise.

 So what do we do?


Why? Because the enemy is obviously nervous. We must be on the brink of a major threat. That’s good news – as long as we don’t give in to the warfare and push pause on our ideas. After we’ve rejoiced, we need a strategy. 

Here are five strategies for dealing with confusion:

 1. Sharpen your message:

As a leader advancing new ideas, you need to have a clear and clean presentation. What’s clear in your mind may not come out as clearly when you speak. Take a moment and try on someone else’s perspective.

What do they hear?

 How might they interpret your words?

 What might feel threatening or confusing?

You can eliminate a lot of the entry points for confusion if you create a tight, coherent message.  Think through potential points of confusion and come up with clear and concise answers.  Practice until you have a clear, focused presentation.

 2. Don’t get defensive:

If you feel like you’re being attacked by an ally, don’t put up walls. Understand that there may be a spiritual dynamic at play. Step back and assess the situation.

 Did you say something to confuse the situation?

 Is one of you simply having a bad day?

 Is this a spiritual attack against a strategic relationship?

Perhaps your idea is weak and in need of improvement. Being defensive might cause you miss input that would make your idea stronger.  Sift through what’s being said to get down to the gold that will improve your idea.

Above all, don’t give in to self-defense. That leads to mistrust and will sabotage the unity you need to move forward.

3. Be wise about who you share your idea with:

When you have an idea that you are excited about, you want to share it with the world.

That can be dangerous.

When you are advancing new ideas, some people won’t understand them.  Or they may feel threatened by them.  To avoid unnecessary confusion, be strategic and prayerfully consider who you share your ideas with as you are getting started.  Once you have a solid foundation, then you can begin to broaden the circle you share with.

 4. Deploy intercessors:

Whenever I meet with someone launching a new project, I always ask them if they have an intercessor.  Most people don’t.  We just don’t think of the spiritual side of what we do on a daily basis. One of the biggest mistakes you can make is assuming that your ideas are small and insignificant. Anytime you move forward in the purpose God created you for, you’re going to be noticed by the enemy.

There will be warfare – that’s a guarantee.

Prayer should be our #1 weapon, but too often, we leave our best weapon on the shelf, striving to make things happen in our own strength.

That’s a huge mistake.

Kingdom-building is a daily partnership with the Holy Spirit. If we are deploying our ideas, in our own strength, we’re not building God’s kingdom. We’re building our own. It’s no different than what anyone else is doing and it points to us, rather than to God.

Prayer is crucial, especially when we are birthing new ideas. We must hear from Heaven for strategy on a daily basis.

Intercession creates a shield from the slow, deliberate attack of apathy and depression, as well as the sudden bursts of anxiety that come with new ventures.

We must also recognize the importance of intercession as we share our ideas with others. Every conversation is important when you are building a foundation.  If you’re not careful, seeds of doubt and confusion will weaken your resolve and shift your focus.

Solution: Find one person that you can be vulnerable with and ask them to pray for you. Keep the communication lines open, letting them know about strategic dates and meetings so they can pray effectively.

5. Be proactive about your emotions:

If you find yourself struggling with discouragement or frustration, recognize it for what it is. It’s easy to slip into a bad mood that turns into a bad week that turns into an overall feeling of discouragement that gets you off track.

If you are proactive, you can counter emotional warfare before it gets out of control. Take a daily emotional inventory to see where your attitude is at, what relationships might be under subtle attack and where you have slowed down when you should be pushing forward.  When you shine a light on emotional warfare, you’ll gain a new strength to get your mindset back on track.

Closing It Out:

This is a time to be strategic – in your conversation, in your actions and in your faith. We need to guard our ideas and our relationships as we walk through this narrow season. Don’t allow confusion, frustration or conflict to cause you to shrink back. This is your moment to defy negative emotions and push through into the new thing that God has promised.

If you’re feeling weighed down, step back and see the big picture. You’re under fire because you’re about to break through. Step back, get a higher perspective and move into your assignment for this season.