This weekend marks the Hebrew celebration of Passover, which occurs in Nisan, the first month of the Jewish calendar. Interestingly, the Hebrew New Year begins in the fall at the Feast of Tabernacles, but the first month starts in the spring with Nisan.

There is rich meaning and intent in this. Each year carries it’s own unique prophetic symbolism and it’s as if the Lord releases His prophetic purpose at Tabernacles and then allows it to grow and be worked out in hiddenness, only to emerge as we pass over into the full measure of what He desires to accomplish in and through us.

With that in mind, I wanted to share a short synopsis of the Word of the Lord for 2016 for you to reflect on this week:

2016 – The Year to Stake Your Future

The number six is also the Hebrew letter, Vav. It is shaped like a stake or tent peg and is used to connect letters together to create new meaning. It creates new words, new thoughts, and new identity.

Symbolically, it’s about redeeming time and restoring missed opportunities. It’s about dealing with the past so you can fully walk into your future. We can’t afford to be passive. This is a year for action and enlargement.

 Isaiah 54:2-3

“Enlarge the place of your tent, stretch your tent curtains wide, do not hold back; lengthen your cords, strengthen your stakes. For you will spread out to the right and to the left; your descendants will dispossess nations and settle in their desolate cities.”

You may have been in a season of hiddenness, but God wants to pull you out of the shadows and into the your true purpose.

Principles for crossing over into your future:

To stake the ground for your future, you must understand your authority.

To understand your authority, you must embrace the changes that God is making to bring you into alignment with your identity. A season of loss, failure or trauma will often reframe your identity. This is the goal of the enemy – to keep you from walking in the authority and impact you were created for.

So this is the time to ruthlessly deal with those things that have created a faulty or limited identity.

This is the season to break off the things that have held you captive in your past. It’s a year where He will supernaturally connect your past to your future. He wants to redeem lost opportunities, lost identity and lost authority.

The future may have been blocked by the enemy, but in a moment, we can redeem our places of failure, weakness and fear and move into the identity we were created to walk in. But to do this, we can’t retreat. There is no time for passivity. This is the time for action. We must take on every faulty mindset and self-limiting belief if we are to move into the fullness of what He has for us.

 It’s about forming high-level partnerships:

Like never before, we are being called to partner with Heaven. It’s about connecting more deeply with Holy Spirit, so we can demonstrate the love and the power of God. It’s about partnering with angels as we work to build the Kingdom. There are certain things that won’t happen until we get this. The realities of Heaven have to become greater to us than the realities of earth.

This is a year to find your place:

Who are you connected to?

Does your work line up with His purposes?

Is it time to step out of your comfort zone?

Don’t be afraid to step into the position God has called you to. This season, you are the one that determines the size of your portion. It’s time to move out with expectation, to dream bid and act like we mean it.

This is a year of acceleration.

That’s exciting.

But it’s imperative that we stay focused. We must recognize distractions that would get in the way of the acceleration He wants to bring.

Just this past week, I recognized how this was happening in my own life. At the beginning of the year, God showed me several things that I was going to move into. I was excited about it, but then life happened. I got busy doing good things that were helping other people.  But they were things that had taken my focus off of what God had told me He wanted me to do.

In my mind, I kept thinking “I’ll get started on this next week,” and next week came and went and I hadn’t moved forward on what He said.

It wasn’t till this week that I understood that what He said wasn’t a suggestion. It was a mandate. And delaying what He said to do wasn’t just affecting me. It was a Kingdom assignment meant to empower other people and every day I lost to good intentions was affecting the people connected to that assignment.


Can you relate?

 What about you?

Are there areas of your life where you are out of position?

Are there things God asked you to do that you haven’t acted on yet?

Has your identity been redefined by circumstances outside of your control?

Have you allowed distraction to slow down your progress? What’s the cost of delay?

The big question: what are you going to do about it?

Don’t miss your opportunity! Now is the time for action. It’s time to extend your vision, to expand your borders and stake a claim on the future that God designed for your life!