Do you ever feel like your brain is going to explode from information overload?

That’s exactly how I feel.

Last weekend, I had the privilege of attending The Head Of The Year conference at Global Spheres. The list of speakers included key prophetic leaders such as Cindy Jacobs, Dutch Sheets, Paul Keith Davis, Robert Heidler and Chuck Pierce. It was an amazing time of enjoying the presence of God and hearing the word of the Lord for this upcoming year.

I’m still processing everything that was shared, but I didn’t want to delay getting you a few of the key themes that emerged over the weekend. So here we go!

  1. This year will be marked by whirlwinds (natural, political, emotional, spiritual, etc.)
  2. Avoiding the whirlwind is not an option.
  3. When the whirlwind comes, we have a choice – allow our emotions to rule the situation and get swept up in the storm, or trust God to move us into the eye of the storm where we will find peace.
  4. We must move through the doorway before us, despite the warfare we encounter.

Did you get that?

This next year is going to be very intense. Your level of emotional maturity will dictate how well you do at overcoming adversity. The winds can tear you apart or propel you into your future. God has things He wants to get done and He is not going to wait for us to “feel” like the timing is right. We cannot delay in the things that He has called us to.




What this tells me is that if I find myself a year from now, in the same place that I am today, I will have failed. I can’t allow myself to get knocked out of God’s timing, because HIS timing matters, not just to me, but to the bigger picture that I play a part in.

Because of His grace, He’s allowed a season for us to take care of the things we needed to: to heal from old wounds, and deal with burnout, insecurity and fear.

Now it’s time to suit up.

Or get swept up.

It’s our choice. But either way, He is on the move.

So what gets us out of His timing?

Improperly formed identity:

I’ve been reading The Supernatural Ways Of Royalty by Kris Vallotton this week. In the book, he talks about how circumstances in our lives can hinder the development of our true identity.  If we have not been properly healed of the wounds of abuse or rejection, we tend to develop a poverty mindset.  As a result, when God begins to show us our Kingdom purpose, we hesitate because what He is saying doesn’t line up with what we see.

A good way to test this is to evaluate your first response when God begins to speak to you about your future.  Is your first thought to dismiss it as impossible?  If so, there may be something that has blocked the formation of your identity.


I don’t know about you, but when I hear whirlwinds and war, my first reaction is not, “Yes! I cannot wait!”

Just this week, I have been aware of the whirlwinds of adversity. I have friends that are facing some very serious health issues. They wouldn’t be human if fear didn’t kick in. But God has grace for them to ride through this storm in such a way that they make the enemy wish he had never messed with them. On the other side of this storm, I see warriors arising.

This week, they found Ebola in my backyard.

Thank you very much.

I got a call from a concerned family member, telling me to be careful so that I don’t catch it!  On news reports and Facebook feeds, I see the seeds of fear being scattered. The beginning of the storm season is already here, but, we must not be shaken.  If we agree with fear, we are going to find ourselves far off course.  Staying humble and submitted to God will be key.  Your emotions will try to pull you one way, but you must resist that pull and lean into the peace that only God can provide.  Out of that place of abiding in Him, you will find strategy for overcoming the adversity in front of you.


As I mentioned in a previous post, there are a lot of people that have grown war-weary. In their hearts, they know what God wants them to do, but feeling spiritually exhausted, they have decided to disengage, letting the Kingdom building move on without them.

I’m afraid I don’t see that option in the season ahead. If we disengage when God says it’s time to suit up, we will find ourselves pulled completely out of His timing.

A Battle Of Wills:

Is your will in alignment with God’s will? Many people think that being a believer means that the answer is yes. But being a Christian has nothing to do with it. You can love God and believe in Him, tithe every Sunday and pray with regularity, and not be in alignment with His will for your life.  Being in His will is about surrender.  It’s about embracing your true identity and fulfilling your purpose.

Are you using the gifts God has given you?

Are you using them in the ways that HE wants you to use them?

Humility and submission will be key to our success in days ahead. It’s important to ask the Lord to evaluate your level of surrender. If you ask, He will show you what you need to work on. Remember, submission is an every day battle. Small steps in the wrong direction will create big gaps in the future.

Overcoming Adversity = Dancing With A Whirlwind:

Listen to this great verse from Ecclesiastes:

 “If you wait for perfect conditions, you will never get anything done.”  Ecc. 10:4 TLB

The conditions (read: you) will never be perfect. God knows this. He’s not looking for perfect in this season. He’s just looking for radical dreamers with enough courage to grab hold of the whirlwind and ride it wherever He leads.

Kingdom building is all about learning how to dance with a whirlwind.  It’s a messy process, for sure.  It might be dangerous and at times, it might be hard to understand, but it also makes us stronger.  Adversity and warfare may seem like strange dance partners, but when we learn how to move with God, the things designed to destroy us become the very things that transform us into our true identity.

So, to overcome adversity this year…

Move through the door in front of you.

Don’t agree with fear.

Eliminate every distraction.

Lean into this season of dancing with whirlwinds and see where He will take you.