In my last post, I shared about how in the upcoming year, overcoming adversity will require dancing with whirlwinds. The prophets are telling us that this next year is going to be tumultuous, but for the believer who understands their position in God’s kingdom, there is also potential for great advancement. What was meant to destroy you can be the very tool God uses to propel you into your future.  But, to navigate effectively through the coming challenges, it’s essential to stay in a proper mindset.

 So let me ask you a question:

When you think of whirlwinds, what’s your first reaction?

Most of us tend to go negative. We immediately start imagining how bad it’s going to get, hunkering down in a defensive posture while we wait for the storm to blow in.

That’s the worst mistake we can make.

We can’t walk in authority if we’re playing defense. In fact, by playing defense, we (read: the Church) have given the enemy another generation of authority in territory that was meant to be ours.

We can’t do that anymore.

Yes…warfare is coming. Whirlwinds are blowing. Dramatic change is about to take place in our lives and on the world stage.  But, I don’t think that the forces of darkness are the ones making the first move. What if it’s the breath of God that’s the catalyst for the whirlwinds that are coming?

 Changing How You See:

Prophetically, we are in a decade where God is calling us to see.

He wants us to see:

  • Our true identity
  • Hidden gifts and anointing
  • The power of His love for us
  • His desire to partner with us
  • Hidden resources for Kingdom building

He also wants us to see:

  • Structures that withhold our inheritance and block our success
  • Structures that block Kingdom building
  • Structures that block ascent in the 7 major areas of cultural influence
  • Structures that have stolen the wealth and blessing that belong to the nations of the world.

Do you see a common thread here?

There are things that we are supposed to see, that we are not yet seeing.

For some of us, there are things that we have been afraid to see. Most people are fearful of dealing with darkness, and religious spirits have convinced us that it’s either not our pay grade or not our business.

But, here’s the thing – it is our business.

The #1 strategy of the enemy is to keep things hidden, because that’s the only way he can hold onto what he has.  So he uses shame to hide our true identity.  He uses fear to hide our true authority and he uses occult (hidden) power to block resources and opportunities meant to fuel our destinies.  If we can’t see who we are, what we are called to be or the tools we have access to, we pose little threat to what he’s doing.

So, consider this…you may not really know who you are. Most of us have learned to be something other than what God intended. Our true identity has become hidden under layers of shame, fear, insecurity and lies that have become labels.

Friends…it’s time to see.

And God is setting things in motion so that we can.

 Are Your Ready To Have “The Hell” Blown Out Of Your Life?

The whirlwinds of God are coming and they are literally going to blow “the Hell” out of your life.

Strategies are about to be exposed.  Like a whirlwind, God will suddenly expose warfare that has been blocking your progress. You’ll be able to see it and quickly defeat it. There will be sudden deliverance from chronic sickness, unbreakable habits, painful rejection and mindsets filled with unbelief.

Schemes designed to keep you small will be exposed and true identity, buried under the weight of shame and condemnation, will suddenly come to light.

When He sends His whirlwind, it’s an invitation to join the dance.  If you resist His invitation, your life will be turned upside down – and not in a good way.  His winds create opportunity; what you do with that opportunity is up to you.

When He exposes things that need to be dealt with, you can’t ignore it.   When He opens doors, you can’t agree with fear. You must go through them.

In this season, hesitancy and delay are your biggest enemies. You can’t afford to ignore it when His wind is blowing.   Action is imperative. You must maintain unwavering faith and you must stay in daily connection with the Holy Spirit to keep in time with the rhythm of His wisdom and strategy.

The bottom line for this year is this: you’ll either get “the hell” beaten out of your life or blown out of your life.  How it plays out is up to you.

There are things God needs you to do and there are forces that stand against you.

It’s time to stop thinking, “who, me?” and start taking action.

The dance is about to start…will you let God take the lead?