One of the most common attributes of quality leaders is the ability to solve problems. Like most leaders, you’re probably pretty good at this. It’s one of the skills that’s helped you get to where you are today.

But what happens when the problem you’re tackling isn’t actually the problem?

For most leaders, the challenge isn’t in creating a solution, but in understanding the true nature of the problem they’re trying to solve.

 Here’s what I mean:

A future oriented mindset may help you achieve your goals, but it’s also limited because it’s one-directional.  If we’re pursuing God’s purposes, we can’t think in just one direction, because He doesn’t see time the way that we do.

God created time to operate in a cyclical structure where one generation builds upon another, moving forward in purpose.  And while we flow in the construct that He has created, He moves freely throughout time, seeing the past and the future at the same moment.  He wants us to begin to understand time in this way, so that we can see our lives in the context of what we are building upon. To do that, we must learn to see in two directions at once.

Eyes In The Back Of Your Head:

Let me ask you a few questions about the vision God has given you for your future:

  • What does success look like?
  • What do you see as the #1 obstacle to achieving your dream?
  • What form has warfare taken in your life? What are you fighting?
  • Are you sure that’s really what you’re fighting?
  • Do you ever feel that despite your best efforts, you just can’t seem to break through to the level God has promised?
  • Has the struggle for breakthrough created guilt, discouragement or unbelief?

There have been so many times in my life that I have dug in and warred against the enemy with all I’ve got, only to get hung up in delay.  If that happens to you a few times, you start to see an unpleasant picture forming. Like Israel in the wilderness, you’re wandering around in circles, unable to break into your promise.

Do you ever feel that way?

Over time, I’ve begun to understand that this happens when my eyes get focused on what’s going on in front of me and I’ve forgotten about the cycles of time that my life is building upon.

Understanding Legacy:

To get to the place of breakthrough, we have to learn how to see in two directions at once. We must see where God is taking us in the context of where we have come from, or more specifically, the people we have come from.

If you’re like most people, when you see a battle in front of you, the natural response is to think that it’s all about you.

But is it really just about you?

In actuality, the warfare blocking your path may have been expanding over several generations. You may be doing everything right only to find yourself dealing with delay because of generational curses attacking your legacy.

To understand legacy you must develop a kingdom mindset. You must begin to see yourself as an heir, with all the rights and responsibilities that come with it. You must also recognize that your Father’s enemies are your enemies.  There are no free passes.

You may get that concept as it relates to God, but do you see the depth of how it relates to your family line?

What I’m saying is, the warfare over your purpose is connected to the history that you are built upon. God has established inheritance, destiny and purpose over family lines. Each generation has the opportunity to build upon the previous one towards the purposes God has put within them. The enemy understands this and he has created strategies to abort God’s plan and undermine the greater level of authority that comes from being a part of a spiritual dynasty.

In the midst of this warfare, some generations push forward, where others make choices that pull family lines backward, out of the legacy that God intended.  Eventually, curses develop that become very difficult to break free from.

Don’t Make This Mistake:

One of the biggest mistakes you can make in warfare is failing to understand how long your current battle has been going on. You’re not just fighting for your purpose – you’re fighting for the destiny and inheritance God established over your family.  It’s a battle that has been fought for generations.

This is so important to Kingdom building. We are called to shape nations. That may be impossible for one individual, but it’s nothing when you are a part of a dynasty. Dynasties shape the directions of nations. To build the Kingdom, we have to see ourselves as a part of a long line of heirs connected to the King. We need to legislate in prayer through the mindset of the spiritual inheritance that we are a part of.

We also need to understand the depth of warfare that stands opposed to us. The enemy has created a strategy of generational curses to keep your family line out of its Kingdom purpose.  It’s time to see it for what it is.

Dealing With Delay:

Earlier this year, Ken Malone had a powerful prophetic word related to delay.  God showed him that the enemy was holding hostage our dreams and visions through strong accusations. He also saw dreams that had been held up for multiple generations, each generation warring, but failing to give birth. High-levels of authority and Kingdom solutions were being held back by cycles of delay. Dreams with the power to deliver nations were locked up. What God wanted birthed was beyond full-term.

But God was saying, “No more delay.”

Friends, it’s time for breakthrough.

The warfare we experience this year may be intense, but that is because the enemy knows that God is stepping into time to push us out of our junk so that we can move into the purpose imbedded within our DNA.

In every generation there is an opportunity.

For you and me, the opportunity is now.

Our success is going to depend on our willingness to change how we see.

Changing How You See:

We need to see the depth of what He is offering.

Our thinking has to move out of natural dimensions. We need to begin to legislate in the supernatural dimension rather than reacting in the natural realm. That means pursuing depths of God’s glory that may be frightening you.  It’s time to go where we have never gone before.

Worship will be key. As you move up in praise, you will gain access to heavenly realms. But understand that as you break into those new dimensions, you will come down clothed in the power of that dimension. Out of His glory, your greater purpose will begin to be activated.

We need to see past ourselves.

We have to stop limiting our purpose to the context of our lives. Most of us have a “me” centered mindset that is easy to satisfy.

Think about your vision:

If you’re only thinking about what you can accomplish in your lifetime, your limiting the hand of God in your life. The fact is, you can get there without much help from Him.  As for the hard stuff, we tend to dumb it down to fit our level of faith.

But what if “discipling nations” actually means discipling nations? What do we do with that?

But if you begin to see yourself as a part of a greater purpose, that has been growing and extending from generation to generation in partnership with Father God, the impossible seems possible and the responsibility to it becomes undeniable.

It doesn’t matter whether you come from the best family or the worst – understand that there is a legacy within you that your Father has set in motion.  You can deal with every delay set up against you.  When you see it for what it is, you’ll be empowered to defeat it.

You are a part of something greater than yourself, but you are also responsible for how far you grow what you have been given.

It’s time to find your place in the Kingdom.