Over the last couple of weeks, I have been joining a 5:15 prayer meeting that my church has been doing each morning. It’s a short-term prayer strategy to push through to a new level of supernatural power.

Part of the reason I’ve been participating (at 5:15am, people!) is that I want to hear what God is saying so that I can share it with you.  I send out Vanguard Strategies to share current prophetic words and strategies that I believe will help you to be more effective in what you do.

So, I’m listening this week, and all week long the focus has been on an international level. This morning, as one of the leaders was prophesying, I found myself thinking, “this is great, but it’s not really something that will help my readers.”

Have you ever felt that way?

I was hoping for something for YOU (being honest, most of the time I’m hoping for something for ME) and it seemed like it was irrelevant.  Just as that thought flashed through my mind, the Holy Spirit spoke to me and asked me why I thought it wasn’t for you (or me)?

I had no answer.  It was a sweet rebuke, letting me know that I need to expand my vision.

Do you ever do the same thing? We want to be led by the Spirit and we’re eager for prophetic direction, but at times we can feel frustrated when it seems like God isn’t really saying anything.

I submit to you: He is saying things all day long.

To you…and to me

We just aren’t looking far enough ahead. Perhaps we are only looking in the mirror in front of us…through the lens of our current circumstances, or the limited perspective that we have on our abilities or influence.

It’s time to look again.

In that moment, I was looking through one lens and God was asking me to help birth something in Africa.  It WAS about me – me using my faith to CREATE something new.  I was a part of the process, a necessary component to the creation of something new.

Friends, He wants to involve us in MIND-BLOWING ACTIVITIES all day long if we will turn off our small thinking and participate when He calls us.

So often we are like Elisha’s servant.  When God opened his eyes, He saw true reality – thousands of warring angels ready to fight on his behalf.  Too often, we see through the lens of what is happening in front of us rather than from Heaven’s perspective.

Let’s take it a step further.

What if you are the one that is actually called to GO and BE THE AGENT OF CHANGE in a nation? What if inside of you (small and insignificant as you think you are) is a solution that lifts families out of poverty? What if out of your last spectacular failure you discovered a key with the potential to rescue hundreds of others from the same fate?

What if it’s YOU that we are birthing in those prayer meetings?

Stop limiting your perspective. Look beyond your mirror into the world.  There is a lot more to you than you think. It’s time to look again.


What I’ve Been Reading This Week: 

Each week I share a mash-up of things that I have been reading or have found interesting.  Some of it’s spiritual and some of it’s very practical.  I hope all of it gets you thinking…

What I Learned About Innovation From 5th Graders – Bill Shore

A great reflection on the importance of listening to the people you want to serve. Bill also talks about including young people in the process of social innovation. They can teach us more than we teach them.

What Got You Here… – Seth Godin

A great reminder of the need to keep pivoting in life. When you think you have arrived, your already behind everyone else.

Seeds For Becoming Who You Are – Dutch Sheets

Do you ever get frustrated at your lack of forward progress? Dutch Sheets talks about how we often abort the process God wants to take us through and what we can do to change that.

The Seven Mountain Mantle – Johnny Enlow

If you want to understand more about God’s plan to shift culture back to His original plan, this is a great book.  Johnny will challenge your thinking about how the world should look, as well as the approach we ought to take regarding some hot-button cultural issues.