I just started reading a new business book by Chris Brogan, called The Freaks Shall Inherit The Earth.

 Great title, isn’t it?

I’ve just gotten started, but so far it’s great. While the book is largely about carving out your path as an entrepreneur, the main point of the book is that we need to stop burying our inner freak so we can fit in with the cool kids.

Nobody changes the world while trying to fit in.

It’s the freaks and the misfits that actually get things done.

The problem is that the church (read: religion) thinks that its job is to clean the “freak” out of people. Dress this way, don’t say that, don’t drink that, don’t pierce that, and most importantly, don’t think you have anything relevant to say until you stop doing the things we don’t think you should be doing.

I feel gross just writing that, but it happens all the time.

I’ve done it.

I bet you have, too.

We dismiss three-fourths of the army because they don’t wear the uniform like we do. And we wonder why the influence of the church has grown small in so many areas.

Jesus Likes Freaks

Friends, Jesus didn’t recruit the Pharisees for His team.  I mean, think about who He chose: a few dirty fishermen with identity issues and anger problems, an anarchist, and a man everyone saw as a traitor and a thief.

These guys had issues.

Big-time issues.

But they also had heart.

Jesus had grabbed a hold of them in a way that sin never could and they were absolutely wrecked by His grace. Even with the reputations that these guys had, Jesus was asking them to commit to something radical and when He gave them an out, Peter said what they all were thinking:

 “Lord, if we were to go, whom would we follow? You speak the words that give everlasting life.” John 6:68 The Voice

That is why He chose them. He knew that no matter what, they would follow. They were willing to go first…to go places no one else would go and do things people said they were unqualified to do.

Would a Pharisee worship after being beaten within an inch of his life?

Would Pharisees continue to speak the truth when the religious leaders of the day threatened to throw them in prison?

Would a Pharisee have given up his property, his reputation and the only homeland he had known to go out into an unknown world with a message that might lead to a death sentence?

No…it’s the freaks that do this. Freaks have heart.

 Embrace Your Inner Freak

Have you embraced your inner freak? That doesn’t mean you need to get a tattoo or a pair of skinny jeans (although, that might look good on you). It also doesn’t mean that you have to be under thirty-five. Remember, freaks by nature don’t fit in a particular demographic.

Embracing your inner freak simply means being your authentic self. It’s about breaking out of any walls of conformity that you have allowed to grow up around you. It’s about embracing the dreams you secretly hoped for, but never thought you could obtain.

If you feel like you have to measure up before you can make a difference, realize that is a lie designed to silence your gifts and keep you small.

If you have lived your life trying to fit in, please stop.  We don’t need your conformity. We need your passion and your quirky perspective. We need to hear what God is saying to you.

If you are a leader, we need you to make a way for the freaks around you. Tear down the walls of conformity and make room for the people you lead.

If you’re already a radical, realize that you can’t do what God has called you to do on your own. You need to surround yourself with other freaks and hear their perspective. You also need to hear from “senior freaks” that have been waving their flag for a lot longer than you. Over and over, the message from heaven is intergenerational alignment. It’s when we connect and build off of each other that hell gets nervous.

When Jesus chose the disciples, He knew it was the freaks that would inherit the earth. He saw what no one else did.

Nobody thought these guys would change the world.

Nobody thinks you will, either.

Maybe you should prove them wrong.