Even as I write this, I am struck by the ridiculousness of that statement.

“When God gave up.”

We might not say it outright, but so much of what we believe about the world validates it.   Clearly it seems He gave up on:

  • Science – too many Darwinists and athiests hanging out there.
  • Hollywood – the sex, the violence….enough said.  But if I fast-forward the bad parts on the dvd it’s OK to watch it, right?
  • The business world – money is the root of all evil, isn’t it?
  • Government – just a bunch of corrupt, bleeding heart liberals that want to spend my money.
  • Higher education – watch out or your kids will end up immoral, unbelieving humanists.
  • Media – “gotcha journalism” with a corrupt agenda.

Come on…if you are a believer, you have either thought some of these things or you know someone who daily posts things like this on Facebook.

Much of the church believes this way — that certain areas of society are hopelessly under the grip of darkness and nothing can be done to change it.

So we wash our hands.

And walk away.

The implication in all of this is that we believe that God has given up — that He has surrendered these areas to the darkness of evil with no hope of change.

Question: Does that sound like the God in your Bible?  Does it even make sense to suggest that an all-powerful God would say, “that’s OK, I’ll let you have that part of my creation?”

Does He periodically turn over to Jesus and say, “Sorry, son, looks like your death wasn’t enough.”

There is NO WAY that He would surrender these dark places of the world.  They are thriving under darkness because we allow it.

Are you afraid of the dark?

Most of us were scared of the dark when we were kids.  I remember jumping into my bed at night so whatever was hiding underneath wouldn’t get me.  Being afraid of the dark is normal when you’re six, but what about when you’re twenty-six?

Too many Christians are making life decisions that are more rooted in a fear of the dark than a fear of God.

We can’t be afraid of the dark places.  There is no doubt that the warfare is significant, but we can’t live in fear of the fight.  Honestly, there is just as much sin in the church as there is in some of these dark places.  We just hide it better.

For too many of us, the words that come out of our mouths and fill our prayers are rooted in negativity, condemnation and an air of superiority.  Instead of speaking life and creating end-game strategies for change, we pray like sore losers.

My friends, we are far too religious.

But You Came By It Honest…

The truth is, a lot of this thinking has been engrained in us from long ago.  Augustine and other leaders of that day began to teach a Greek mindset that separated the secular and the sacred.  Some things were holy and some things were worldly, and they weren’t to be mixed.

It seems like a noble reasoning, but it’s an insidious lie that the enemy has used to take whole areas of this world without a fight.  We just handed them over.  We have ceded our inheritance to the enemy through our fear and indifference.

The world doesn’t look like it should because we spend too much time complaining about it and far too little time shaping it.   Vanguards are going to change that.

Vanguards Run Into The Dark

God is raising up vanguards across society that will reconnect the secular to the sacred.  They are willing to run into the darkness while so many others are running away from it.

There is a generation emerging that sees the world through the eyes of God rather than the eyes of religion, and they are full of hope.  They see the realities and they don’t deny them, but they also don’t concede to them.

They realize that it’s our job to bring the power of God to those places.

  • We need politicians with God-inspired solutions
  • We need scientists that tap into heaven’s power to unlock cures for diseases.
  • We need actors and musicians that produce high quality work while never bowing to the pressures of life in the fast lane.

Vanguards don’t retreat.  Instead of isolating themselves from the world, they create something of substance within it.

How about you?

If you are being honest, are there some areas of society that you have ceded to the enemy?

Have you let religion keep you from your purpose by convincing you to keep your nose out of the very area you were designed by God to conquer?

If you are a vanguard, what challenges do you face?  How do you balance pragmatism with faith?  How are you seeing the darkness shift where God has placed you?

I’d love to hear what you’re doing – the challenges that you face and the successes you’re achieving.   If you are interested in reading more about running into the dark, check out my manifesto here.  Here’s to conquering our fear of the dark!