The concept of time is very interesting. Every minute and hour has equal value to the others, but in God’s hands, the pace and significance of time is constantly shifting.  At certain points in life, it feels like He hits the pause button, marking the significance of what He is speaking.  In those moments, He’s extending an opportunity and a choice. How we respond is crucial. One choice can accelerate us on a path of purpose; the other can push us into a cycle that stalls the flow of time in our lives.

I believe God has pushed the pause button.

This week, I have been mulling two prophetic words from one of my spiritual leaders, Chuck Pierce.  As you read this, I think you’ll see what I mean.

This is a day for cleaning out your old garments and getting ready to exchange your best for His best. For now you will go to war for your inheritance and only wear the garments that will secure your future! The enemy is contending to withhold your next robe. He would love to leave you naked in the shame that has invaded your atmosphere from your past mistakes and hesitations. But there is a robe floating in the heavens above you that I long to bring down to clothe you for the days ahead. This robe will cover your shame and produce favor.

The accuser is firing words and these words are knocking the robe from left to right so that it cannot come down for you to wear. Stand still and see Me work in the midst of your accusations. When you are the least expectant, you will sense My Delivering and Covering Power in your midst. – Chuck Pierce 8/29/14 (You can find the complete word here.)

And then a few days later, He says this:

 Now is the time to war for the robe that you will wear. This is a robe called ‘Completion’ and is necessary for your building process. As the enemy is trying to stop your building process, I am now causing you to war to clear the heavens, so you can wear your robe of building into the field of operation that I have for you. The blueprint and pattern for the future is now entering the present. This mantle must be put on for you to build My pattern.  This robe will not have any of your insecurities and weaknesses of the past. I cannot have your past iniquities assimilated into the foundation that I am asking you to lay.

Foundations are shaking and the bridges that connect you to the past are falling. I am laying new foundations and building new connected paths into places that you need to go. Do not allow the enemy to knock you out of this building process or you will be held up for 16 years in a land, and another will have to build on what you have laid. Define your building sphere. Lay a strong foundation and then add your sons and daughters that will become My prophets for the days ahead. – Chuck Pierce 9/2/14

Oh yeah, He DEFINITELY pushed the pause button.

Shifting Out Of Limiting Mindsets

Garments or mantles are much more than the titles that we wear. They are symbolic of our identity and our calling. They are a reflection of what we think and how we relate to the world around us.

So God is saying that many of us are about to experience a major shift in our purpose.  But to experience this shift, we need to STOP right now and EVALUATE the garments we are currently wearing. Time has paused to give us a moment to choose to move forward in a new garment of purpose, or to hold tightly to the limiting mindsets and labels that we have been wearing. We can’t wear both in the new season.

This is the proverbially fork-in-the-road moment. I know, the “God is love” folks would argue that He doesn’t do that, but I think an honest evaluation of life proves otherwise. We all come to points where we have to choose. A wrong choice doesn’t negate His love; it just limits our blessing.  He offers – we choose.

If we don’t want to miss the moment, we need to stop and look at the garments we’re currently wearing.

It’s time to let go of:

  • Familiar garments. Comfort is the enemy of progress.
  • Garments you’ve outgrown.
  • Garments of regret, shame and missed opportunity.

Remember, the war for your mantle involves your mindset. Perhaps you find yourself trying to move forward, only to be flooded with thoughts that make you feel small.  Don’t let your life be built on a platform of intimidation.

Or maybe you’re getting hit with guilt over times in the past when God pushed pause and you hesitated and missed your opportunity. Remember, your past does not define your future.

Some people stay locked into cycles of defeat because they cannot forgive what God has already moved on from. They fear that God’s name would be dishonored if their past mistakes became public knowledge. That’s shame talking, not God. He’s offering a garment that covers all shame.

 What Do You Need To Complete?

I think it’s interesting that the garment He wants to put on us is called “completion.”  Some people struggle to move into all that God intends for their lives because they don’t know how to finish a season. They can’t let go of mistakes they have made or labels they have come to identify with. When they try to move forward, they’re bombarded with confusion and anxiety.

But in this shift God is asking us to make, He says He’s already got a lot of the warfare covered. To move forward, He needs us to do one thing – END THE PAST SEASON.

Finish it.

Don’t try to carry it into the future. This is the assignment.

We position ourselves for breakthrough by doing the work of completion.  Clear out the clutter so that you can carry a new measure of His presence.

This is a season of building, but you can’t pick up the tools for building when you’re carrying regret, shame, loss or unforgiveness.  When you bring the past into completion, the voice of accusation loses all power over you.  You will be able to stand in the midst of warfare and keep moving forward, secure in the new mantle He has prepared for you.

The bridges to our past are falling…

We just have to decide which side of the bridge we’ll be on after they’ve fallen.  Stay on the side we know or cross over into a new identity, completely letting go of what we were to embrace who we are today.

I believe we are in one of the seasons that will define our generation.  Will we be known as a generation that advanced the Kingdom, or as one that held back in our fear and desire for comfort?  This is our time to choose.

Not all days are equal.