Today is Election Day and we can all celebrate a great victory….NO MORE CAMPAIGN ADS!!!!

It really is silly season, isn’t it?

Millions of dollars spent to put on full display the vitriol that exists on either side of the political aisle, and for what?

What changes tomorrow?

More importantly, does anything we do today really effect God’s Kingdom?

Johnny Enlow had an interesting post on Facebook this morning that is worth a read. Consider this nugget:

Approximately 80% of White Christians will vote Republican. Approximately 75% of Hispanic Christians will vote Democrat. Approximately 95% of Black Christians will vote Democrat. This is our Body of Christ reality check.


He goes on to say:

If the Republicans take back the Senate these white Christians will be exuberant at this development and will believe that God has had mercy on America and that we can finally begin turning America around. Meanwhile, Hispanic Christians, will view this with significant fear and trepidation, wondering if this will now mean that they will face more legal and open hostility. Black Christians will likewise feel significantly deflated and fully aware that any address or redress of systemic racism and other urban challenges will be shelved until at least the next election.

If the Democrats keep or increase Senate majority and more shockingly also take back the House, then white Christians will believe judgment is surely tangibly in the air for America and that we may have missed our last chance to stem that. Hispanic Christians on the other hand will breathe a sigh of relief and believe that perhaps better days are ahead for them in America. Black Christians will also breathe a sigh of relief and feel some hope once again to the idea that subtle racism in the laws of the land can be addressed.

His point – at the end of the day, the body of Christ is going to have vastly different opinions on whether God’s kingdom has moved forward or taken a serious hit.

We have allowed our pet issues, racial biases, blanket judgments and religious mindsets to define what Kingdom impact means as it relates to our government.

That’s a problem.

The Body of Christ doesn’t even know what Kingdom looks like. We’re too busy looking through our own perspective.

Are Christians that vote Democrat godless and ignorant?

Are Christians that vote Republican racist and uncaring of the needs of the poor?


Jesus had something to say about this:

 Jesus knew their thoughts and said to them, “Every kingdom divided against itself will be ruined, and every city or household divided against itself will not stand.” Matthew 12:25 NIV

Friends, our household is divided.

Christians are fervently praying for straight party victories today, certain that it is God’s will.

Both Republicans and Democrats.

What is God to do? Is He confused at the ballot box this morning?

I say this in jest, but really – how can we build the Kingdom when we are so divided on what building the Kingdom actually means?

It’s time we set our views at the door and really hear God about what He wants done and who He wants doing it.

God doesn’t vote a straight party ticket.

Voting is important and it is a start, but in reality, whatever the outcome of today, the dial will only turn slightly in one direction.

We must do more.

Here are a few thoughts for tomorrow:

Pray for your leaders, even if you didn’t vote for them. And don’t pray out of your disagreement. All that produces is witchcraft.

Pray for a new generation like Daniel and Esther to find their place in the governmental realm. We need godly men and women that have a clear understanding of Kingdom to find favor and influence with political leaders.

We also need leaders with a clear apostolic call of governmental authority to step into the political realm. This is beginning to happen in other parts of the world. We need to see it happen here. As these leaders begin to arise, we need to support what they are doing through our prayers, our finances and our time.

Pray for the fractures that exist in the body of Christ. We need a decisive vision that addresses all of the issues that are important to the heart of God. Imagine what would happen if we stopped working with the political and religious spirits that control the current system. If the church stops playing the game, maybe things will actually change.

Find your place of influence. Perhaps you are called to governmental influence, but have been fearful of the system. If God has called you to this realm, He will give you the grace you need to move within, yet above the system.  If that’s you, you need to ask God to position you to step into this realm.  Don’t fear your small bank account, past failures or lack of pedigree.  When God wants a person to arise in leadership, nothing can stop His purposes.

Even if politics isn’t your calling, there are ways that you can affect the political process in your community. Ask the Lord where He wants your voice to be heard. Maybe it’s sharing an opinion at a school board meeting or volunteering your time on a city committee, or simply being a voice of encouragement to community leaders. Whatever the case, you can make a difference.

Ask God what political battlefields He wants the church to engage in. We can’t lose sight of the fact that political battles are also spiritual battles. We have warred for decades over abortion and gay-marriage issues and in the spirit realm, the enemy forces are strong.

But maybe the enemy’s attention in these areas creates an opportunity elsewhere.  I don’t mean that we ought to abandon these important areas, but that we ought to ask if there are other areas where He would call us to attack while the enemy isn’t looking. We need to expand our vision to the full counsel of God.

When The Dust Settles:

Ask I write this votes are being cast.  Decisions are being made.  Whether they matter depends on us.  We can continue to play games with political/religious spirits, deciding that the system will never change, or we can choose a different path.

I give you fair warning, if you go down this path, you aren’t just fighting a political spirit, you’re standing up to religion and there will be a lot of people that don’t understand.  They may think you are a traitor.  They may think you have backslidden.  You may lose friends.

But, we’ve been called to build a kingdom and doing so requires some skin in the game.

Once the dust settles tomorrow, its up to us whether it will matter or not.  What we do tomorrow will determine whether our vote really counts.