I’ve been thinking a lot about this question. There’s been a lot of discussion in recent years about advancing the Kingdom of God into the main culture systems of society.  We know it won’t be the work of a few charismatic leaders. Instead, it will be led organically by a tribe of people who shake off their limitations to partner with God’s vision.

So, we know this is what wants us to be doing…we’re just trying to figure out how to do it.

  • How do we shift culture back to Kingdom principles?
  • How do we leverage influence in order to draw the world back to the blessings of God?
  • Do we operate within the current systems using the same strategies in a better way, or is there something more we need to be tapping into?
  •  As kingdom-minded leaders, what makes us different from everybody else?

I’m convinced that these are the questions of our generation.

We Have Tools That Make Us Different

To do things differently, we must be intentional in our daily partnership with God. We have access to a set of tools that others don’t and we need to use them.  One of those tools is prophecy.

We often fall into the trap of thinking that prophecy is only for the big ticket decisions of our lives, but God wants to have daily prophetic interaction with us. He wants to guide us in how we lead our families and how we do business.

prophecy provides precise navigation


When you tap into prophecy on a daily basis it’s like having a set of precision instruments to guide you through the internal and external obstacles on your journey. With His direction, we can make better decisions and see things that others don’t see. Tapping into this requires action on our part.

To illustrate this, I want to talk about a prophetic word that came out of the Glory of Zion this week. I recommend you read the full word. You can find it here.

I want to highlight a few points:

  • The word gives a timeframe of three days of pondering/watching. This means there are some things we need to do immediately.
  • A second-generation spirit is trying to paralyze our vision and our movement through mind games, accusation and confusion. This paralysis is meant to block our purpose in the Kingdom.
  • God wants to bring deliverance to root (generational) structures in our lives that have been captured by the enemy, hindering our ability to express ourselves.
  • If we will contend with what has blocked our family line, we will realign generations and see what God intended for our families established.
  • Many of us entered the fight, but our faith was captured by fear and unbelief. Some tried to camp out; others turned back. The enemy convinced us to settle for an older, safer vision rather than pursuing what we created for. We stopped aligning with God and started living a smaller life that we could manage in our own strength.
  • If we go quickly when He says move, we can get back what was lost. We can show a generation that has only known religion what God is really like. He will make new what was lost to past generations.

So How Do We Apply This Word? 

what makes us different?
1. One of the first things he mentions is to ponder the word.  That means we analyze the word through the lens of our lives to see what God is saying to us and ask Him for further revelation.  Too often, we hear a word and forget about it.  We can’t afford to do that anymore.

Do a personal inventory:

  • Where am I blocked from accessing my full potential?
  • Are there any emotional issues prevalent in my family line that have blocked God’s purposes? Do I see the same tendencies in my own life?
  • Is there anything effecting my emotions that would prevent me from expressing my true personality?
  • Are there any places where I have agreed with fear?
  • Any areas where I’m feeling confused or uncertain?
  • Has I embraced the status quo out of a subtle fear of what increase will cost me?

With the answers to these questions, we can see how the enemy has been working and what we need to do to move forward. 

2. Get a plan of action.  This word has a specific mandate to deal with generational issues preventing us from expressing ourselves. He uses the words contending and warring, so this is not a “wait for God to do it” word.  With the information from our little inventory, we probably have a good idea of what we’re dealing with – now it’s up to us.

Sit on it, forget about it or act on it – the choice is ours.

We all have negative tendencies and ways of thinking in our family line that we need to recognize, defeat and stand guard against. Dismissing this truth is a death sentence to our calling, because the same things that blocked God’s purposes in past generations are coming after us today.  That’s why we need to teach our kids how to war.  They’ll face it, too.

When we see a place where we have agreed, we need to go back to that place and deal with it.

  • Where did the fear come in?
  • What happened that devastated our trust in God?
  • For some, this means breaking out of a status quo mentality.  Just because everybody in our family is “that way,” doesn’t mean we have to be that way.

That may mean choosing forgiveness, taking a risk, putting yourself in a place where you need to trust, or speaking up when you are uncomfortable.  When you take an action that runs counter to the emotion you are feeling, you will start the process of breakthrough.

3. Clear and occupy your boundaries. That means we looking at how the issue affects each of the areas of our lives: our home life, our work performance, our friendships, our commitments, etc.  It also means looking to see if we are actually occupying the boundaries God intended for us. Most of us set up camp miles away from the borders God actually wants us to occupy.

  • Where has fear caused you to play it safe?
  • What did you NOT DO because of your insecurity?

Once the borders are clear we need to move into those unoccupied areas. See Luke 11:24-26.  

What can you do this week to live fully within your borders?

Think of specific actions:

  • Is there a conversation you need to have?  Speak up.
  • Do you have an idea you have been afraid to share?  Share it.
  • If you have been hiding your true self, how can you be more authentic, warts and all?

 Wrapping It Up:

In breaking down this word, you can see how the prophetic empowers us in ways the world cannot match. We can see the strategy of the enemy and how it has subtly infiltrated our daily lives.

We can also tap into God’s timing, realizing that when He says a window of freedom is open that will propel us forward, there is nothing in hell or on earth that get in the way…except us.

God is providing expert navigation –  it’s up to us whether we take off or not.

I don’t know about you, but I’m really tired of carrying generations of junk on my back. It’s time to shake out fear, pride, insecurity and hustling for worth. I want to tap into the prophetic and learn how to use it to change my own life and empower my mission. I’m all in on this. How about you?

What are you doing that’s different?

What do you think of this word? How does it apply to your situation?

I’d love to hear from you!

what makes us different?