One of my most popular posts from last year was My Wish For You.  As I was reading it again the other day, I thought it was very fitting for this year as well. So here is my wish for you in 2016:

My wish for you this year is that you would step more fully into the calling and purpose for which you were created. I hope that you find yourself irresistibly drawn into new challenges and that fear would never be the reason you turn down opportunity. In this New Year, I hope you TRADE YOUR ANCHORS FOR SAILS.

I wish that your relationships would be AUTHENTIC, full of flavor and strengthened by grace. My hope is that people would understand who you are and be blessed by the unique gifts that you possess.

My wish is that you would LIVE IN A PLACE OF COURAGE, undeterred by what the world throws at you. If you have been unhappy with where you are right now, I pray that this would be your year to BREAK OUT, and that you would find yourself alive with purpose. Start a business. Share your ideas. Pursue a relationship. Go back to school. Take the risk you’ve been dreaming about.

I wish that when the world PULLS AT YOU in ten different directions, you would always remember and prioritize the things that are most important, rather than what seems important at the time.

My wish for you this year is DEATH – death to the lies, fears and shame that have clouded your vision of the true potential that you possess. I pray that every time you are tempted to go with the flow, you’d push back against the pressure to fit in. COLOR OUTSIDE THE LINES without regret.

I hope that your heart will be continually filled with GRATITUDE for both your past and your future. May you never forget the shoulders you are standing upon and may you never settle for what your eyes have already seen. Your destiny is greater.

My wish is that you find within yourself the COMMITMENT and DRIVE to keep your passions on the front burner and that you find the people who need what you’re doing. May you find a people to serve and serve them with all of your heart. And may that service bring you great prosperity (and may you remember that money is only a small part of that equation.)

I wish for you a renewed sense of WONDER – that your greatest quest in 2016 would be to find your place in His presence. May your faith be like a child’s and may your experiences be marked by MIRACLES.

When the whirlwinds come, may you find yourself CENTERED IN HIS PRESENCE and may your life be the very wind that He uses to shape the world.

Most importantly, MY WISH FOR YOU is that you find your heart and your thoughts always coming back to Him. He will always tell you the truth, rebuke you when you need it, push you to your full potential and love you through both your worst and your best days. May He be your EVERYTHING!

I can’t wait to see all that 2016 holds for you!