The Vanguard Manifesto

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THE VANGUARD MANIFESTO Download A Free Copy Today            Get It Now A Few Things You’ll Learn In This Leadership Manifesto: How to live like an owner in a world of renters The one question that will disrupt everything in your life The unique attributes of a vanguard An understanding of your role in God’s Kingdom here on earth Why your creativity is under attack How to instigate a new counter-cultural movement Why religion is one of your fiercest enemies Four unusual tools that are absolutely critical to your future If You Find The Manifesto Helpful: Let Me Know: Share your feedback in the comments section below, or email me directly. Help Spread The Word: If you would like to see this manifesto get out to more people, please pass this free copy along to your friends and colleagues, or use the links below to share on your favorite platform. Thanks!  I can’t wait to hear about how you living like a vanguard. Download A Free Copy Today            Get It Now

Vanguard: The Origins

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Vanguard: The Origin Story Discover How The Original Vanguard Speaks To The Modern Warrior The word vanguard has a very interesting history with amazing applications for those leaders who are serious about being cultural change-agents. Vanguard comes from the word avant-garde, a 15th century French military term.  During this time in history, battle formations were commonly divided into three guards – the van, the middle and the rear.  The Van was the advance guard, the front of a forward-moving fighting force. These were strong warriors with bodies scarred by multiple battles and mindsets hardened to the task in front of them.  They were unwavering.  Their purpose was two-fold: Find and destroy the enemy Secure enemy territory so that the rest of the army could advance They were bold, a bit surly and seen as a little crazy.  After all, who in their right mind would choose the profession of going first into heavily fortified territory? Every soldier knows that loss is a part of warfare.  You lose friends, and often a part of yourself along the way.  The warriors of the Vanguard had spent a lifetime on the frontline, but the losses which were meant to break them had only made them that much more determined to destroy the enemy in front of them.  They didn’t break and they didn’t retreat.  They knew that winning the battle was about more than what they had endured, and so they fought on. They moved as a team, working together in battle.  History says that the Swiss Van was especially lethal.  They moved in unison, with incredible flexibility, protecting one another as they dismantled their enemies. Who Was In This Company? Typically [...]