Have you ever found yourself in a season of extended conflict?

You know what I’m talking about: no matter what you do or where you go, it seems like there is always something dragging you down, confusing your thoughts and stealing your peace.

In those seasons you may say to yourself, “the enemy is really on my back right now.” When people ask how you’re doing, you respond, “Man, am I ever experiencing a lot of warfare!”

Well, that is true.

The enemy IS harassing your relationships, your heart and everything else in between. But what you might not realize is that YOU might be the source of your conflict.

Not what you want to hear, I know.

But if you are going to make it as a Kingdom-minded believer, there are some principles that you MUST understand. Otherwise, you’ll find yourself taking two steps back for every one step forward. You’ll forfeit the peace God has for you and punt your assignment to the next generation.

 The Way The Kingdom Works:

  1. God has assigned each of us a territory that we are responsible to influence and build His Kingdom within.
  2. Within that territory, there are always enemy inhabitants – spirits that influence culture and behavior.
  3. Those spirits are committed to occupy your territory and they will not leave without a fight.
  4. Your job is to remove completely the enemy that has control over your assignment.
  5. You are not on your own in this assignment: His promise is that He will both anoint you and give you the resources you need to succeed.
  6. You are alone in this assignment: It is the unique responsibility He designed for your life.
  7. Because God has assigned this territory to you, you are bound to it – to the people, to its prosperity AND to the enemies that currently rule in your place.
  8. This bond cannot be escaped – it is a part of your destiny. You will experience the blessings of that bond or the destruction of it.

So if this is true, what happens when you ignore your enemy?

This weekend, I was reading a Facebook post by Lance Wallnau that touched on this point. In his post, He referred to God’s command to the Israelites to drive out all of the enemies that occupied their promised inheritance. And then He said this:

“But if you will not drive out the inhabitants of the land from before you, then those you let remain of them shall be as pricks in your eyes and as thorns in your sides, and they shall vex you in the land in which you dwell.” Numbers 33:55 Amplified

Here is the principle that I want to get to:

If you don’t deal with the enemies in your territory, they will harass you until you do.

Did you catch that?

Sometimes we find ourselves in warfare because we’re moving forward. These battles are temporary and there is grace to deal with them.

But when we find ourselves struggling with prolonged seasons of confusion and conflict, it might be because we haven’t dealt with the enemy in our land.

If we avoid the war we’ve been called to fight, verse 55 says that the enemy’s barbs will get into our thinking and effect how we see the world and the people around us. His thorns become hooks that latch onto the fragmented areas of our lives. They hook into our faults and pull us into conflict.

Instead of rising up to fight the false emotions and confusion, we come into agreement with it. Instead of fighting with God’s grace behind us, we become passive and allow the enemy to continue to rule over our promise.

Recognizing When Vexation Is At Work:

Can you see your future or is it clouded with hopelessness and confusion?

When you find yourself in conflict, how do you respond?

Do you constantly find yourself feeling: hurried, angry, terrified, trapped, confused, worn out, run down or desperate. If these thoughts have captured your mindset, you’ve been pulled off the path God has for you. This is vexation.

So what do you do about it?

The only way to break the power of vexation is to confront it. Submit your mind and heart to God and allow Him to work out of your mindset the things that have pulled you off target.

Choose to move forward from a place of revelation rather than imagination. Vexation creates a false landscape for your future. Stop agreeing with confusion and doubt. Don’t choose the path that seems best to you; choose the path that seems best to God.

Confront wrong thought patterns.   Take authority over the fear and passivity that has ruled your thoughts and actions. Let go of old emotions that have kept you trapped in an old season.

Ascend above the conflict through worship. Worship clears the atmosphere so you can see the true picture in front of you.

Don’t be afraid to fight. When you have struggled under the weight of vexation, you might find yourself fearful of engaging the enemy. If you give into that fear, you will repeat the cycle of vexation. Remember, warfare is a part of the promise.

Wrapping It Up:

Battles are a part of Kingdom-building. It’s unavoidable. Our only choice is the type of battle we will fight: with our enemies or with ourselves.

Right now, we are in a strategic season of crossing over.  If you are going to successfully cross over,  you must pick up the battle you’ve been assigned to and trust that when the shaking comes, He will stand beside you with His peace. That is warring in the midst of a whirlwind.

That’s where we want to be.