If we are going to do things we are created to do, it is essential that we stay in timing with God. And staying in timing means taking action.

This week, I have been rereading God’s Unfolding Battle Plan by Chuck Pierce. The book lays out specific battles and prophetic insights regarding the church and the world from 2007- 2015. Since we are nearing the end of the prophetic window that the book was written about, I think it’s important to see where things stand with regard these key prophecies.

As I was reading, I was amazed at the accuracy of what was written seven years ago.

Here are a few points:

  • Russia would rise with new aggression, resulting in a distancing from many other nations.
  • The UK would experience a new rise in anti-Semitism.
  • Syria would become important as it connects with Iran and Russia.
  • There would be continued conflict with Iran.
  • China would arise to become the most dominant economic player.
  • The church in Africa would begin to thrive even as governmental instability continued.
  • There would be an escalation of border wars between the US and Mexico, as well as new threats of terrorists crossing the southern border.
  • The United States would lose credibility among other nations, creating a willingness to engage in political and financial compromise.
  • The United States would attempt to regain credibility with other nations by compromising in our relationship with Israel.
  • The morality of our nation would be redefined by the seeds sown during the 1960’s. This shift in morality would lead to laws being created that would restrict our freedoms.
  • America would come to a crossroads regarding discrimination. The response of the younger generation of African Americans to discrimination would be key. They would have an opportunity to take the lead in championing justice and equality, or an opportunity to make the same mistakes that previous generations made against them.
  • The family structure would need to be reinvented

Does any of this sound familiar?

good news/bad news

It’s exciting to see how clearly God wants to speak to us and give us wisdom for the battles that are ahead. We are not alone and we are not without a map. If we stay in step with Him, we’ll understand the battles that are coming and He will give us the grace to deal with them according to His plan.

But it’s also disheartening, because I think we’ve missed some opportunities to shift the narrative. Prophetic communication is not just about getting a head’s up. It’s about understanding the battle so that we can get a strategy for victory. God doesn’t give us prophetic words to make us feel good.  He gives them so we can TAKE ACTION.

If you look at the headlines here in America, it’s pretty obvious that our nation is moving in a direction contrary to God’s design. So what do we do moving forward?

prophecy = action

This is the last year of this prophetic word. I think more has proven to be true than God desired. It’s true that some things are inevitable, but many have been the results of the choices we have made as a nation and as a church.

Here’s what I know: This is a word for our watch.

We still have time to shift the narrative. This is the year of the whirlwind. We may be moving along one path as a nation, but when Kingdom-minded believers arise to their purpose, the winds of heaven can shift everything. This 7-year window is closing. We must decide how we will finish it.

We cannot be afraid to speak up for truth. This is such a crucial time. Moral boundaries are being redrawn. Our response to discrimination is being tested. The world that our children accept as normal is being created right now by the choices we are making.

What will they inherit?

How can we make a difference?

Don’t be overwhelmed: Don’t let what you see determine your level of faith.

Recognize you have a mission: You were born for a specific purpose. You were given a specific sphere to be responsible for. What is happening in your sphere of influence? What can must you do to change the narrative?

Don’t let the details of your life become an excuse for inaction: It’s easy to get distracted. It’s easy to give in to the tyranny of your schedule. It’s human nature to take the road of least resistance. But that’s not God’s plan for you. You were designed for this hour to fulfill your Kingdom purpose. Don’t allow life to steal what you were born for.

What else?

What should we being doing?

And if we don’t, who will?