As kingdom-minded leaders, we have a distinct advantage that other leaders don’t. We can tap into the prophetic timing of God, aligning our work and our actions with what He is saying from month to month.

For example, when it was revealed that 2015 would be a whirlwind year, we gained a blueprint of what to expect so that we could make strategic choices based on how God was going to move this year. Hopefully, you’ve found yourself being a wind of change more than you found yourself being blown off course!

Av – The Month Of Faith And Action

In the Hebrew calendar, we have just entered the month of Av. For most Jewish people, Av is a month associated with sorrow.  If fact, if you study Jewish history, you find that many of the most destructive events in Jewish history occurred on one date –  the 9th of Av.

Just a few incidents occurring on the 9th of Av:

  •  The first temple is destroyed – 587 BC
  • The second temple is destroyed – 70 AD
  • Jewish rebels massacred by Romans – 133 AD
  • Jews expelled from England – 1290 AD
  • Jews expelled from Spain – 1492 AD
  • WWI began on the 9th of Av.  The events of WWI are directly tied to the rise of the Third Reich.

There’s no way that’s a coincidence, so what happened?

Biblical history says that the 9th of Av was the day that the spies returned from their exploration of the Promised Land. God intended it to be a day of walking into their promise, but things went wrong.  He showed them what they were about to face in the land so that they would be prepared, but 10 of the 12 spies convinced the people that the battles would be too great. As a result, the people refused to enter into God’s promise.

What should have been a day of great blessing became a curse because the people were unwilling to move forward with God’s timing. As a result, the 9th of Av has become associated with destruction, rather than the blessing God intended.

What does this mean for us today?

This is a month where you need to hear clearly. Recognize that distraction is a type of warfare. It’s meant to keep you from connecting with the acceleration that occurs when you get in sync with God’s timing.

It’s a month to make careful decisions, but it’s also a month of action. Don’t miss your window of opportunity out of fear of the battle sitting in front of your promise. That fear has a name: resistance. It’s internal and its goal is to maintain the status quo.

 Here are a few ways resistance may be affecting you:

  • Resistance is the rational voice in your head. It points out all the flaws in the plan and tells you to check off all of the boxes three times before you launch.
  • It’s the voice saying, “Slow down, take your time, and consider your options.”
  • It turns a mirror on all your faults, pointing out all the reasons you are disqualified and irrelevant.
  • It tells you to avoid controversial ideas – if someone isn’t saying it, you must be wrong.
  • It’s the reason why some people get so close to success and then sabotage all the work they’ve put in out of a moment of fear.
  • It encourages you to remain invisible: Why? Because visibility is dangerous – people might misunderstand you.

So the goal of resistance is to get you out of God’s timing by distracting you with all the reasons you can’t or shouldn’t go through the door in front of you.  It focuses on all that you aren’t, instead of all that God says you are.

This Month, Win The Battle With Resistance

 Is God leading you into a new opportunity? 

Do you feel something holding you back? 

This month, be aware of the subtle voice of resistance.

Stay connected to the Holy Spirit. Make sure His voice is the loudest one in your thoughts.

Don’t be afraid to go through doors this month. Don’t wait for everything to be perfect.

God is looking for faith this month and He is looking for courage. Have faith in who He says you are.

Eliminate all excuses and limiting questions. This is a month to be careful to speak words of faith.

Walk in daily obedience to His voice and watch what happens!