God is deeply invested in your future.

To get you there, it often means redefining your past.

He’s constantly communicating to keep us on track. Sometimes, He calls us to look forward into the future and sometimes, He asks us to take a deep look back at the path we’ve been on so that we can better understand where we’re headed.

I was recently in a service at Global Spheres where a series of prophetic words came forth related to this. Here is a portion of that word:

A Month of Confrontation – Seize the Day!

“This will be a month of confrontation. This will be a month of carpe diem – ‘seize the day’ — for there will be confrontations that give you entrance to ‘seize the day’ and break open your way in days ahead. Do not fall back from the confrontations that will be on your path.  Out of those confrontations, out of those solicitations, and out of those divine meetings you will ‘seize the day!’

The Wind Will Shake the Trees!  Listen for the Wind!

“This will be a month the trees begin to shake.  If you will step out into the wind when the wind begins to blow, then you will hear where you need to go. I am sending My people this way and that way! In the midst of the wind blowing, new strategies for increase will blow in the wind.  Make a list of every way you’ve increased in the past.  Then hear Me blow!  My wind of multiplication will blow you into a strategy of increase for the future.”

Go Back – Review, and I will Give You Vision of How to Go!

“If you will go back and review what I have done in you, I will give you vision of how I am going to use you with others in days ahead.  You are at the brink of multiplication! Do not back up! Listen, review, and see where I would have you go!  This has been a season of repositioning.  In My repositioning, I have called some of you to remain where you are; I have called some of you to be still in your current place so you can increase there in your future.  See your position.  Now you will move out to the right and the left and increase will come.  I healed you so others could be healed. I broke you through so you could break others through. I caused you to be delivered so many could be delivered. This is your beginning of moving out!  Hear the word from behind you telling you which way to go!”

What Bound You will Become a Weapon Against the Enemy!

“Use that which had you bound as a whip on the enemy. If you’ll look back and see how the enemy had you bound, you will unravel the powers that have bound you and find the gift of increase that was in the midst of your captivity.  I want healing in My body, and I want My body to prosper again.  A portal is forming over you — one that you have never seen before! Run under this portal and watch Me pour down upon you.  You are just beginning to receive. Don’t interpret your future from your past, but allow your past to come under the portal of your future.  I will pour over you the identity that you need to step under.  It is this identity that will overcome the enemy of your past.”

Your Senses are Coming Alive

“I am redefining your senses.  You will see how to move and operate in the portal that is coming down now. I am redefining your senses in the watch so that do not shut your eyes in the hour of watch. Be ready for Me, and watch Me as I begin to move in the watch. As you walk this month, once that portal is over you then you’ll be able to see all that has gone on in the past year – maybe the past 70 years – realign. You’re going to see the angelic hosts – Lord Sabaoth – God of the stars – Lord of Hosts – Lord of the Armies, aligning heaven and earth. You’re going to begin to walk in a way that, all-of-a-sudden, your path opens up and you see angelic guidance assisting you…hearing them speak, ‘Turn to the right, turn to the left. The path ahead is open.’”

Prophetic word from 2/14/16 at Global Spheres Center.  You can listen to the full word here.

What Does This Mean For You?

So God is asking us to very strategically take time to reflect on our past victories and our significant battles – how they have defined our identity and set us on our current path.


 Because every battle has a purpose.

It’s through battles that we begin to understand our purpose and the authority that He’s called us to walk in. Each battle provides a set of tools that we need for the assignments He’s calling us to.

But battles can also redefine our lives in negative ways. If you’ve gone through significant levels of warfare, you may find that you’ve pulled back to safer ground. Many times, this happens and we don’t even realize it. Little by little, faulty boundary lines redefine our identity.

But if we take the time to look deeper into the battles we’ve faced, bringing both the good and the bad before Him, He will realign things so we can step into the assignments He’s called us to.

As I’ve been pondering this, I put together a series of questions related to this word to help me think through how my past has affected my identity. I’m taking some time this week to think about these questions.

I hope you’ll consider thinking about them, too.

Redefining Your Past:

Take some time with this. Right down what comes to mind. The Holy Spirit will bring up the things that are important. You might even come back a second time to move past your first responses and see if there are deeper things that you haven’t thought about.

Let God take where you’ve been and repurpose it so He can propel you into the future He’s destined you for!

Personal Review

1. Make a list of how God has brought increase in the past. Healings, deliverances, breakthroughs

2. Make a list of the key battles you have faced in the past.

As you look at your history, ask yourself:

1. How are you letting this affect your future? Have you tightened or expanded your boundaries?

2. Think about the battles you have fought. Why did the enemy choose that particular manner of attack? What was he trying to block?

3. Have any of your past battles caused you to shift your expectations?

4. Are there any areas where you feel you are out of timing? Anything affecting your momentum?

5.  What affect has fear had on your story? Why? What is the enemy trying to stop/delay?

6. Has your vision/hearing been masked in any way by past battles?

7. What needs to be brought under the portal so God can repurpose it for your future? (portal refers to a place where heaven connects to earth)

8. How does your current assignment align with your future?

9. What do you have authority over?

10. How does God want to multiply your authority?