Leadership Coaching Services For Individuals

Go Farther, Faster With Leadership Coaching

We live in a world with increasingly complex demands.  Today’s leaders must not only have a compelling vision, they must also be effective storytellers, inspire creativity and innovation, and bring out the best in their team.  Doing this requires fresh perspective and creative confidence.  Leadership coaching can make a difference.

You are here because you know that you need someone to help you take your skills to the next level.  My job is to help you develop your inherent abilities so that you can be a more innovative leader.  This happens through honest discussion designed to stretch past self-limiting thinking, as well as tangible assignments to achieve your goals.  Coaching will bring a greater self-awareness critical to success in today’s economy, help you discover a greater sense of purpose, and give you the skills to take others with you on the journey.

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What’s A Typical Session Like?

Coaching ought to be practical with a premium on achieving results. A typical session involves thinking through significant questions, making decisions and creating a plan of action that can be measured.
Coaching meetings are completely driven by your agenda. While there are tools and assessments that may be useful, you will never be taken through a structured process. Meeting times will be heavy on thinking through a variety of questions. You will do most of the talking, while I offer questions that will help you take a deeper dive into what you believe, what you do and where you want to be.
As your coach, I will help you look holistically at your life, examining not only your skills and passions, but also your spiritual, emotional, and physical health, as well as your relationships at work and at home. This enables us to tap into the myriad of variables that drive your agenda.
As we take a deeper dive, many unseen challenges standing in the way of your success will be forced to the surface. The process is meant to be challenging, because getting to where you want to go requires it.

Who Needs A Coach?

  • Professionals seeking to boost their creative capacity
  • Successful leaders looking for a deeper sense of purpose
  • Emerging leaders navigating career choices
  • Leaders looking for ways to bring greater passion and clarity to their communication skills
  • Entrepreneurs launching a startup

Coaching Options

One-to-one coaching provides the fastest path to getting the results you want, because meeting times are designed by you, discussing what you want, strategizing over your goals.  Depending on what you wish to achieve, we offer a selection of coaching plans:

An individual coaching program will typically take place from 6- 12 months. Coaching sessions are confidential, one-to-one strategy sessions focused on client objectives. These sessions are meant to take a holistic view of your life on a personal and professional level, to unseat any obstacles, build creative confidence and take your skillset to a higher level. Coaching sessions are available via phone, Skype, or in person. Fees vary based upon delivery selection. All coaching agreements include free email support. 
The 90-Day Intensive is a one-to-one coaching program that focuses on a specific, well-defined objective such as launching a new project, making a career change, or developing a specific aspect of leadership or personal development. Coaching sessions are available via phone, Skype, or in person. Fees vary based upon delivery selection. All coaching agreements include free email support. 
Life Strategy sessions are designed for professionals that want to step out of their daily routine to gain fresh perspective and renewed focus. This program is for leaders that have a strong level of self-awareness and desire to eliminate any obstacles that may hinder success. This 3-day program includes foundational assessments, including 360 feedback, as well as opportunity for reflection and strategy development. 

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