Leadership Workshops For Organizations

Whether you are leading a business, non-profit, school or church, your success depends on the culture you build and the effectiveness of your team.  We want to partner with you in bringing out the best in your organization.  Leadership workshops focus on building practical skills to improve productivity, idea generation, team collaboration and organizational culture.  Our presentations can be customized in length and content to meet your particular needs.

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 We Can Help You:

  • Build a more creative, collaborative culture
  • Improve the health of your organization
  • Break out of mediocrity
  • Enhance the leadership development of emerging team leaders
  • Develop management coaching skills
  • Build a deeper level of organizational passion and commitment

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Featured Leadership Topics

Here’s a listing of current workshops for organizations, schools and students.  Don’t see what you’re looking for?
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The Leadership Evolution

A recent report from Inc. Magazine revealed that 62% of employers believe that their employees lack crucial leadership skills (Inc. Magazine, June 2013).   To reach your goals, your team needs to be strong.  The Leadership Evolution is a talk geared toward helping you build the skills your team needs.  In this talk, I focus on the discovery of your team’s strengths and weaknesses as leaders, as laid out in the Leadership Practices Inventory (LPI).  Participants will complete the LPI and based upon their unique scoring, they will be given a series of practical tools to build upon their leadership strengths, as well as actionable ideas for shoring up areas of weakness in order to become more well-rounded leaders.  This talk can be customized depending on the level of detailed leadership evaluation you wish to give your team.  The LPI can be utilized as a simple personal evaluation, or in a more detailed 360 evaluation.

Building A Creative Culture

We all want our teams to be more creative, but sometimes the culture we have built undermines those goals.  In this talk, geared for your core leadership team, I discuss the common barriers we put up through unwritten rules that hinder the flow of creativity and innovation in organizations, as well as practical tools that can be implemented to unlock a creative culture within your organization.  This talk is heavy on honest reflection, discussion and practical implementation.

Everyday Innovation

Many people believe the lie that people are born creative and that only a certain type of person can be innovative.  As a result, the world is missing out on game-changing innovations and creative approaches to what seem to be unsolvable challenges.  Everyday Innovation is designed to bust those false assumptions that hold your team back.  Through intriguing examples, personal reflection and practical strategies, I will give your team a blueprint for injecting their work with design-thinking practices guaranteed to inspire everyday innovation.

Creativity In The Classroom

Children lose most of their creativity within their first few years of school.  To stay competitive in an increasingly globalized world, we must create an environment where that creativity can be ignited rather than shut down.   Creativity In The Classroom is a practical, hands-on workshop for educators looking to build a classroom culture that invites students to develop innovative and critical thinking skills so crucial to their success, while maintaining those structures most intrinsic to classroom management.


ChangeMakers is a course designed for students that focuses on innovation, leadership development and social entrepreneurship.  In this talk students are exposed to young leaders that are making a difference in the lives of others through creating innovative solutions to social issues.  Students will gain a broader worldview and be challenged to find entrepreneurial, yet service-oriented solutions to problems they see in society.  As a part of practical application, students will be challenged to select and design a solution to a relevant problem in their community.