Have you recovered from the Superbowl?

I have a dear friend who needed to find her religion again after that crazy game!  We were all rooting for Seattle at my house this Sunday and in the matter of a few minutes we went from resignation that they would lose, to euphoria (how did he catch that pass???) to absolute shock and frustration.

How could they make that call? What were they thinking?



Blasted autocorrect!


But this morning, I read a post from Todd Henry that really hit on an important point.

What would we be talking about if the call had worked?

You know what would be happening: everyone would be praising the creative risk that Pete Carroll took.

We’d all be celebrating Seattle swagger and talking about the new young dynasty on the rise.

 Except we’re not.

That’s the thing about risk:

It’s risky.

When you succeed, everybody sings your praises, but when you fail, you get impaled. The crowd loves to celebrate risky wins and it loves to jump all over risky losses. We’re a generation that loves to play the role of critic while we live within the safe confines of the sidelines.

You know it’s true.

The Danger Of The Sideline

Most of us live the majority of our lives on the sidelines. We do the vast majority of our work (read: your career, your art, your service, your family-building) in safety mode, because we’re afraid of what might happen.

I understand wanting to play it safe, especially in a year that the prophets say is going to be marked by winds of chaos. It only makes sense to play it safe, right?

But what if now is exactly the right time to take a risk?

What if God is looking down and saying, “If you’ll take the risk, I’ll blow away everything that stands in your way.”

I think that’s exactly where we are.

The prophets are saying that 2015 is a turnaround year. But if we’re going to experience a turnaround, we’re going to have to do something we’ve never done before. It will require risk and it will require being willing to be misunderstood.

Can you do that?

Creative Risk = Doing What Most People Say Is Unreasonable

There’s a couple connected to this community that have big plans to serve God. Not long ago, they got hit with a serious medical diagnosis. They have a young family and conventional wisdom would tell them to play it safe. Get better and then you can go.

Not them.

They decided a diagnosis didn’t change what God had spoken to them.

Is it a risk?

Sure it is, but I have no doubt that God has their back. Instead of the whirlwind taking them out, they’re going to be a force to be reckoned with!

What About You?

My new course Battle Plans (get it for free here) focuses on helping you to expand your thinking about creative risk as well as challenging you to think deeply about the kind of change that is required to achieve the goals God has placed within you.

Most people talk about what they want to do, but the real achievers are the ones that figure out where the path starts and they dig in relentlessly until they get there.  Bottom line: It won’t happen until you’re intentional about making it happen, and that requires risk.

As you look at the plans you have for this year, how much risk is penciled into your calendar?

And if you’re being honest, is it really risk?

It’s easy to convince yourself that the occasional sidestep off of your well-worn path equals risk, but truth be told, most of the time it’s not real creative risk.

Creative risk is about doing something you’re afraid to even dream about.

It’s about suspending your pride to do something that will put your reputation at risk if you fail.

It’s about putting yourself out into a space that you’re not comfortable with and believing that your contribution can somehow make a difference.

It’s about trusting God and taking a leap.

I hope you jump!


It’s not too late to jump in on the Battle Plans course.  I guarantee you that your time won’t be wasted.  The course is full of questions (which can be scary, I know!) but if you take the time to work through the sessions, you’ll understand how what God is saying for this year applies to your unique situation and you’ll leave with a concrete plan of action that will push your boundaries in the year ahead!