I am writing this first post well before the official launch of Vanguard Creative.  I am still in the process of getting everything ready for the official launch some time in the next few weeks, but I wanted to share a bit about what this blog is all about.

Vanguard Creative is an idea that began with a name about two and a half years ago.  I was in a season of personal transition and deep introspection.  I had walked away from a career that had morphed into something I no longer wanted and while I knew without a doubt it was the right decision, I was still in a place of uncertainty because my path was shifting dramatically from what it had been over the previous fifteen years.  In this shifting, the idea of Vanguard Creative began to form.  My first idea was to create an online leadership magazine, but over time I began to see it as much more.

This project is about ideas – creative, audacious ideas built on the premise that one person with a God idea and the will and tenacity to fight the naysayers, the critics and the gatekeepers of the status quo, can create something truly remarkable.  That person might be you…I hope it’s me.

I’ll be writing mainly about personal development, leadership, entrepreneurship and what I think we can do about the crisis of culture that affects our society today.  The theme that ties all of this together is the idea of being a vanguard, or one that breaks open new territory – new ways of thinking, living and approaching the world.

My goal moving forward is to help as many people as I can to connect to their life’s purpose so that we can all get busy doing the things God has created us to do.  There is a big world out there and there have been lines drawn between the secular and the sacred.  I believe that God sees those lines as ridiculous.  He also sees the doom and gloom approach so many Christians have as misguided.  It’s time to cross the lines, take ownership of the world we live in and create Kingdom-minded solutions that bring God’s glory and presence into the places that need it most.

Looking ahead, I hope that this project will:

  •  Generate new ways of looking at the world.
  • Help leaders shake off limitations, clarify their thoughts and launch forward with fresh, innovative ideas.
  • Create a community of leaders that will work together, support one another and create big wins for God.  The only way we are going to accomplish anything that really makes a difference on the level we need it to, is when we set aside our pride, our personal domains and sacred calling to see the big picture God really has in mind.  We have to work together…if we don’t, we will let our generation down. 
  •  Generate actionable ideas – meaning businesses, ministries, community engagement, shifts in culture, innovations in science and technology – in such a way that people will recognize without a doubt the reality of the goodness and the authority of God.

I hope you join me on this journey.  Your interaction is a gift, both to me and to the others that connect to this community.  Here’s to seeing what we can accomplish together!