Inside of everyone, God has placed seeds of opportunity. When you think about it, that’s really what a calling is, isn’t it?

God places nascent gifts within us, points us in a certain direction and says, “This is my plan for your life…go get it!”

At that moment there is potential. All the seeds are there to live a life of purpose and impact, but it’s up to us to decide how we will steward that opportunity. Will we take Him up on His offer or choose a safe, yet utterly predictable life?

Most of us want to get there.  We want our life to have meaning and purpose.  But what we’ve failed to realize is this: there are forces in life conspiring to funnel us toward those safe, predictable outcomes.  Things like fear, false humility, busyness and even success work together, pointing us toward what’s safe, reasonable and predictable.

The reality is this: If you’re not daily making intentional choices to get where you want to go, you won’t get there.

I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling an urgency about this. I can’t waste my time on small thinking. So, I’ve been asking myself some questions as I prepare for the year ahead.  I thought they might be useful to you as well.

Opportunity Survey:

I broke this down into four categories: Scope, Mindset, Community and Action.  What intentional choices do you need to make in these areas to best steward your opportunity?

SCOPE: The size and range of your assignment.  Think borders.

  • What’s your assignment?
  • Can you map it out? (do it right now)
  • Are you occupying the borders that God has assigned to you or have you built your own fences of comfort and security?

MINDSET: The mental attitude you must have to get where you’re going.

  • Do you have confidence in your ability to complete your assignment?
  • How does your confidence (or lack thereof) translate to the people around you? In other words – do you carry yourself like you believe what God says about you is true?
  • Have you let false humility keep you on the sidelines when you’re really called to lead the charge?

COMMUNITY: The people you need to fulfill your assignment.  Some you will help and some will help you.

  • Who do you need to connect with to accomplish your assignment?
  • How can you connect?
  • Have you let fear or false humility keep you from making that connection?
  • Who’s pushing you to make the most of your opportunity?
  • Do you need someone in your life that will push you harder?

ACTION: The daily work you need to do to make things happen.  If you can’t put it in your calendar, it won’t happen.

  • What needs to change this year?
  • Why didn’t it change last year? (take some time with this one)
  • How much time did you devote to fulfilling your assignment?
  • What happens if you do nothing – who pays a price if you decide to play it safe?

Wrapping It Up:

I hope you take some time to think through these questions. Intentional choices always trump wishful thinking. You’re schedule will always be tight. You’re always going to feel the pull toward safety. There is always a battle to fight on the path to significance.

Choose today to put an intentional plan into action.

Make the most of your opportunity!