This week, I have been rereading The Supernatural Ways Of Royalty by Kris Vallotton. In the first chapter, he shares the story of an encounter with God that forever changed his life. In a dream, God spoke over and over Proverbs 30: 21-22: “Under three things the earth quakes, under four, it cannot bear up: under a pauper when he becomes a king.” 

The Lord began to explain to him why the earth can’t handle paupers who become kings.

“A pauper is born into insignificance. As he grows up he learns through life that he has no value and his opinions don’t really matter. Therefore, when he becomes a king, he is important to the world around him, but he still feels insignificant in the kingdom that lies within him. Subsequently, he doesn’t watch his words or the way he carries himself. He ultimately destroys the very people he is called to lead.”  – Kris Vallotton

Then God told him that he was a pauper who had become a king.


It was a painful lesson, but one that helped him begin to strip away the wrong mindsets that had shaped his identity.

Can you relate?

I know I can.

Poverty Has Nothing To Do With Your Bank Account

Most of us have a lens through which we see poverty and that lens is money. Everything fits in a nice checklist.

  • Do you have money in your bank account? Yes 
  • Does money have a hold on you? No

I guess poverty isn’t a problem for me.

But what if money is only a tool of poverty?

What if the purpose of poverty isn’t just to keep you poor financially?

What if it’s to keep you poor in your identity?

That changes everything.

The purpose of poverty:

 The number one purpose of poverty is to steal your destiny by attacking your identity. Poverty is ultimately about insignificance. It’s goal is to convince you that:

  • You have no voice
  • No one cares about your opinion
  • Your purpose is limited to the scope of your family
  • You have few gifts and those you do possess are not that important
  • Your life has no value

For some people, that happens through physical poverty. It’s hard to feel like your life matters if you’re living on $2 a day.

But for most of us, the attack is so subtle that we fail to see the systematic warfare that has redefined our identity. God has called us to identify with Him as sons and daughters, but many people struggle to fully embrace that identity and settle for relating to God as slaves or soldiers.

Some thoughts on slaves, soldiers and sons:

Slaves: Are trained to feel their insignificance. Because of this, their value is found in the things they get done and shifts from moment to moment. This leads to a constant striving to prove their worth to those around them. Slaves are grateful for the blessings of God when they come, but they don’t expect them. They have redefined what “God’s best” means for their lives.  They are content to work in obscurity – not out of humility, but out of their sense of self-worth.

Soldiers: Are trained to find their value in the battles they win. They may be strong leaders, winning spiritual battles, but they lack the intimacy of sons. They understand and move powerfully in spiritual authority, but they have no inheritance. Many kingdom leaders relate to God as soldiers.

Sons: See themselves as heirs and are trained to understand and move in their divine nature. They see their importance in the Kingdom and make decisions based on how their choices will affect the Kingdom. They are assured of their inheritance, so they don’t strive for approval. They daily strive to connect to their Kingdom assignments, understanding that fulfilling their purpose is intrinsic to God’s plan for the world they live in.

Are you a slave, a soldier or a son?

It’s important question to answer.

You can’t effectively lead as a slave or a soldier. When you lead from a false identity, you walk in diminished authority to accomplish your assignment.

To fully tap into your gifts and your purpose, you must come to terms with who God created you to be.

It’s a painful process to pick apart the enemy’s strategies. It digs up old wounds and uncovers shame.

Most people don’t want to do that.

But understand, that isn’t how God sees you. God didn’t initiate a hierarchy of slaves, soldiers and sons.  That’s a caste system set up by the enemy to keep people from finding their purpose. He still sees you through the lens of His original intent. The assignment is still valid no matter what path you have taken to get there. Your assignment stretches far beyond you. It affects the people that walk with you and the world you are called to impact.

The world is waiting. Don’t settle for less!