One of the things that I keep hearing is that the next two years are going to be filled with dramatic changes – both internally and externally.  The idea of change can be exciting – as long as it remains an idea.  That’s why movies and self-help books are so popular.  We like to visualize a better life.   Doing the work to get there, well…

The idea of change is great…

The other side of change is great…

The process of change… not so much.

The truth is, nobody likes having to change.  I mentioned in a recent post for Vanguard Strategies that your brain responds to change in the same way it does if you are being tortured (hat tip to Barbara Wentroble).  No wonder we struggle!

We may not like change, but God loves it.  Change is progress toward His intention for your life.  If you are going all in with God, you can expect that He will begin to push you out of your comfort zone and into new boundaries.  I suspect you are already feeling it.  It’s important that you don’t hesitate.

Do You Understand Your Boundaries?

Your boundaries are defined by the places and situations that God has called you to exercise your authority.  This includes things like:

  • Your family – including the generations before and after you
  • Your career – where you work, as well as your field of expertise.  If you are a student, this includes your school and field of study
  • Your community – this can include your neighborhood, your city, your region or your nation
  • Your relationships
  • Your church – Do you understand how the calling over your church applies to you?
  • Any other area in which you hold a level of authority

So boundaries have both natural and spiritual qualities.  If you hold a leadership position at work, your position is defined by both natural and spiritual boundaries.  You possess both natural and spiritual authority to accomplish the work that’s required.  I’ll talk about this more in another post, but it’s important to remember that when you think about what is going on in your life.

New Territory Requires A New Fight:

The opportunity to move into a new boundary always begins at a spiritual level.  Remember that boundaries are linked to authority and authority is always activated through warfare.

There is no way you can move into your new boundary if you are afraid to fight.

Because new authority is linked to new territory, you will have to war with internal resistance.  It may come in the form of doubts about your ability, or how God sees you (we assume it’s how we see ourselves).   Maybe it will come through labels that defined you in the past.

That’s why understanding your identity is so important.  Your identity is linked to your boundaries.  If you’re still carrying old ways of thinking about yourself, or about how God works, you won’t be able to take the new boundaries God has authorized you to take.

Change can only come through fighting this fight.  If you hesitate or resist the warfare, you may miss your window of opportunity.  New boundaries always have expiration dates.  When God extends a new boundary to you, if you allow fear or hesitation to stop your progress, the door will close on your opportunity.  You’ll miss the new level of authority that you were supposed to move in.  Hesitation carries a heavy price.  I think most of us would be shocked to see how far below we are to the level of authority we could be walking in.

But we can change that.

Change is coming whether we like it or not.  We can look at it with our perspective (torture) or God’s perspective (new authority/Kingdom advancement).  Which one will you choose?

To Avoid The Price Of Hesitation, Ask Yourself These Questions: 

  • Do you know what your current boundaries are?
  • What are you working on right now within yourself to secure the new level of authority God has for your life?
  • Can you pinpoint times that you hesitated at the door of an opportunity and lost it?  What caused you to falter?  That’s where you need to work.
  • Are you trying to carry old ways of thinking with you into the new position (naturally or spiritually) that God wants to promote you to?  What are you going to do about it?

What are you working on…where are you headed?  I’d love to hear where you’re at.  There are others in this community facing the same challenges.   Send an email or leave a comment, and join the conversation.