This weekend, I attended the Passover conference at Global Spheres and I wanted to share a few highlights that are important as we move forward this year.

This year, Passover is all about the winds of Heaven supernaturally blowing open the path in front of you so that you can move into the purpose God has for your life. He’s using His wind to expose obstacles and clear paths so you can cross over.

But He cannot cross over for you.

Crossing Over Isn’t Easy

Have you ever felt God leading you to cross over into something new only to fail as you tried to step into what God had spoken over your life? Perhaps you just barely scratched your way across, beaten down by the warfare you encountered.

In those moments you may feel like you have failed God. You might even feel like God failed you.

But understand this: Everyone who attempts to cross over into a new identity will encounter an uncommon level of warfare. It’s inevitable.

The enemy always attacks people of purpose.

He hates it when you let go of safety and comfort to stretch into your destiny. He doesn’t want you to get a full revelation of who you are or the power that you possess. So when you’re about to cross over, He’ll hit you hard so that you miss your window.

If it seems like you experience more warfare than others, you probably do. You might think that you’re doing something wrong, but the warfare you’ve experienced might be a sign that you’re doing something right. And in this season, God is saying that the wars of the past are the keys to victory moving forward.

This time, it’s different. This time, you can cross over.

Keys To Crossing Over:

Here are a few key prophetic insights from the Passover conference to help you cross over:


Dividing lines will be drawn politically, culturally and spiritually – to the point that nations will begin to form within nations. Part of crossing over this year will involve making a choice about which side of the dividing line you want to be on. God is setting things in His order and you won’t have the option to be a conscientious objector. In the season ahead, you will have to choose to align with His order or you will find yourself caught up in the swirling that takes place within the nation.

The people around you are watching. The enemy is watching. God is looking for people who will stand up against the tide of current cultural norms. This will lead to warfare, even within some of your own ranks, but it is imperative to keep in step with how God is moving.


As God lays out the dividing lines, He is looking for people that will cross over quickly. Watch over the next 9 months for a new movement to arise with both spiritual and governmental authority. God is looking for EARLY ADOPTERS who set aside their own agendas to run with His. Responding to His call without hesitation will lead to increased levels of authority. Cultural change agents will begin to find their voices in the midst of warfare.

Are you one of them?

Crossing over requires movement. It requires action. What steps do you need to take in the next few months to secure your alignment and move out into the new level God has for you?

Two principles to carry you forward: Decide carefully; move quickly.


As the lines are being drawn and political and cultural winds are swirling around us, it will become imperative to listen intently for the voice of God. We must pay attention to where/when/ how He is moving. His sound and movement will unlock things that have been hidden and bring you to the place where you can cross over.


In the middle of a battle, it’s easy to forget about your past victories. In this season, you need to look back at how your enemy was defeated. God is going to reconnect you to revelation that you’ve lost. Then you’ll know how to fight the battle in front of you.

It’s also important to look at the times you failed to cross over. Why was your progress haulted? What thought processes need to change? The enemy will use those failures to try to distract and discourage you. He will brag about his ability to defeat you.

Don’t close your ears.

Listen intently. Not to fall into despair, but to gain strategy for future victories.


Worship will open the path in front of you. God is saying in this season that if you press into worship, He will set your enemies in His order. God will dictate the terms of the battle.

In the past, you may have tried to cross over in your own strength and understanding, only to fail. You didn’t stay in step with His voice and you didn’t understand how God wanted to order the battle in front of you. When you try to cross over this time, if you stay in alignment with the sounds of Heaven, God will give you understanding of how to overthrow your enemy.

So how do you do this?

Keep your heart in a place of worship. What I mean by that is that you must keep your thoughts connected to Him. Approach your daily activities with an attitude of submission to His purpose and direction. As you connect to Him, He will open your eyes to the strategy you need to defeat your enemy and cross over.

Wrapping It Up:

Storms are brewing…lines of division are forming.

Warfare is inevitable.

You’ve been through some battles.  Use them as tools to secure your future.

This time we cross over.