This morning I was out on my prayer walk and I saw something that I think is very prophetic to where many of us are today.

Do you ever feel like one of these is about five inches from your face?

walls of resistance


I know I sometimes do.

The concept of breakthrough is exciting. I mean, who doesn’t want to move to a new level?

You receive a prophetic word or hear God calling you to move out into a new area of faith.  So you start moving forward with excitement, only to plant your face into the wall in front of you.

You know what I mean, right?

Common Walls Of Resistance

You step out into a new career path only to get hit with some kind of illness that stops you in your tracks.

Or you get an idea for a project that you know is inspired by God, but when you try to launch you can’t get any traction. Your connections dry up along with all of your money. Your friends say “no, thanks” and your enemies are quick to point out your demise.

Sometimes the wall of resistance is internal. God begins to point out how your soulish behavior is holding you back and you decide that enough is enough. You begin to do the internal work of changing your heart, certain that if God brought it up, you can change things. But instead of getting better, things just get worse.

There are a million ways that this plays out every day.

Hammering at a wall is exhausting.

The thing about these walls that makes it so hard to break through is that the more you hit at them, the stronger they seem. You’re doing all the right things…praying, knocking on doors, asking for Heaven’s intervention. You’ve practically shredded your tongue from all the times you’ve bitten it, trying not to say something stupid.

And nothing is happening.

No breakthroughs.  Nobody recognizing your ideas or your efforts.  In fact, your life actually seems like it is getting smaller.  All that work and the only thing that seems to be breaking is you.

And then it gets worse.

That direct line to Heaven that got you started on this journey?  Gone.

You try to press in to hear what you should do next and all you hear are crickets.

That’s when the walls of resistance begin to close in.

When a wall is an inch from your face, it’s pretty difficult to see anything but red brick.

Here’s the thing about walls of resistance:  They are meant to be intimidating. Their one purpose is to mess with your mind so that you give up.

The enemy wants you to feel stupid and unchangeable. He wants to define you in his terms. He wants to make your stomach churn and your faith falter. He wants to make you feel like all your work, your prayers and your heart-searching are pointless.

Take A Fresh Look At Your Wall:

If you have felt like you can’t break through, take a look at what God showed me today:

If you look closer, you can see how everything you have done has actually weakened the wall.


If you look at this photograph of the same wall, you can see that the concrete that holds the bricks in place has been broken into little pieces. This wall seems strong at first glance, but the very material that makes it a wall has been broken down to the point that it is just ONE GOOD SHOVE away from falling apart.

This is a picture of what your wall REALLY looks like.

God is saying today, “don’t be discouraged and don’t give up!”

See the wall in front of you for what it really is. Look at the chipped pieces on the ground and know that everything you’ve been doing isn’t in vain.

Every prayer you prayed hit its mark. Every door you knocked on made a dent you didn’t see. Every thought you shared in faith and thought no one heard, hammered away at what’s standing in front of you.

Every time you kept fighting despite the despair, loneliness and doubt that crept into your thinking, another part of the wall of resistance lost its strength.

Today, you may feel like you don’t have enough faith or that you didn’t hear God correctly.   That’s just red brick standing one inch from your face. Look closer and you will see the damage you have really done.

If the wall seems like it’s closing in, don’t give up!   You’re just one sure strike from destroying it.

Keep hammering! You’re almost there!