One last thought on whirlwinds to set the tone for the year ahead…

We know that this year will be defined by clashing whirlwinds that shift the status quo. Power structures that have kept much of God’s Kingdom shrouded in darkness are about to be exposed.  He wants people to see.

But what role do we play?

I can tell you for sure, it’s not to sit around and let the winds of the enemy blow our lives apart. In fact, I believe that when God says He’s sending a whirlwind, what He’s sending is us.

He’s about to release a whirlwind force into this world through an army of Kingdom-minded believers who push past their fear and apathy to challenge the structures in society that have been under the dominion of darkness for far too long.

He’s had enough.

But for people to see, the darkness has to be pushed back.

That’s where we come in.

Whirlwinds In The Heavens, Boots On The Ground

In the last few years, God has been speaking to apostolic and prophetic leaders about moving out of the church and into the world to reestablish Kingdom authority among the major areas of cultural influence that shape society.

This movement is radical and it’s controversial. It’s about confronting darkness and dealing with our religion. It’s a movement that won’t be satisfied until the structures that define cities and nations are reformed to come under the blessing and favor of God.

Sounds a bit like a whirlwind to me!

To see this happen, we not only need the winds of Heaven to blow, but we also need boots on the ground. Listen to God’s call to Jeremiah:

See, today I appoint you over nations and kingdoms to uproot and tear down, to destroy and overthrow, to build and to plant. – Jeremiah 1:10

I believe this is a call that God is extending to us today. Before we can build the Kingdom, we are going to have to uproot and tear down the structures that stand in the way. That means engaging in warfare. It also means we must adjust our hearing so that we understand His heart and pick (only) the battles that He has called us to.

I know you might be thinking that your influence is limited. While that may be true of your life today, where you are now does not dictate your true potential. Remember, you were bought with a high price. God would never pay so much for something that was not worthy of the price. So that settles it – God designed you for a powerful purpose.

Now what?

Here are two questions that you must answer if you’re going to stay in sync with Him this year:

  • What have you been called to tear down and overthrow?
  • How do you position yourself so that you can become His whirlwind force?

God Wants To Use You At A Higher Level – Are You Ready?

Getting in position is probably not as hard as you might think, but it does require some life renovation. Here are three questions that you must address:

#1: How’s your CONFIDENCE? If you have unresolved issues of shame or low self-esteem, you must deal with them immediately. You can’t survive the winds that are coming if you’re building your life on a faulty foundation.

God has probably already shown you what you need to deal with.

You just can’t afford to put off the surgery any longer.

It’s time to cut away anything that undermines your true identity.

#2: Is your life truly SUBMITTED? Just this week, I received an email from Chuck Pierce in which he shared a bit about this. On a recent ministry trip, one of the prophetic leaders of Glory of Zion sent him a word saying He and his team would become a whirlwind force wherever they went to minister this year. He then shared how God told him that he would “Be the Time.” Listen to what he shared:

Then I heard, ‘Be the Time!’  What does that mean?  In order to completely identify with the timing of God, we must submit ourselves and become an instrument in His hands so that we demonstrate His time.  This will release His plan and purpose in the earth!  I began to ask Him, ‘How can I be a window today, that You can release the wind of your Spirit through?’ – Chuck Pierce

When we daily submit to His direction, we become aligned with the Holy Spirit and angelic forces, together setting His timing in motion. Our actions become the catalyst that starts the clock. That’s the partnership He has in mind, but true submission is proven in our willingness to be uncomfortable.

Take a minute to evaluate your level of submission:

  • Are you willing to do anything He says?
  • To go anywhere He says to go?
  • Are you willing to stand out from the crowd?
  • Will you get involved with the mess that’s in front of you?
  • Will you love the unlovable?
  • Will you risk your reputation for the sake of justice?

If these questions don’t seem relevant to your life, what needs to change?

#3: Are you willing to deal RUTHLESSLY with your FEARS? Whirlwinds always precede major kingdom assignments. Warfare is simply unavoidable.  But we can choose how we respond.  If you agree with fear, you’ll be pulled out from His covering and your faith will become scattered.  To move forward, you have to find a place of peace in the midst of whirlwind.

Do you remember the story of Jesus calming the storm? He had a mission from God in the region of the Gerasenes to deliver a demon-possessed man. This man was an absolute wreck, but underneath all the mess, he had a powerful Kingdom assignment. He was called to take cities for God.

The forces of hell understood this. He had been under the control of darkness for most of his life, but now Jesus was coming. So in a last ditch effort, the enemy released a whirlwind, stirring up a storm that shook the faith of the disciples.

They were terrified.

Jesus was sleeping.

The storm didn’t disturb Him and it didn’t cause Him to alter His course, because fear had no authority over Him. He knew the mission. He understood what God wanted done, so the winds that opposed His progress were of no consequence to Him.

That’s the place we need to get to.  When we join the fight, storms are sure to come.  It’s unavoidable.  But, if we draw from the certainty of our standing in Him, rather than the reality of what we feel, the enemy’s winds will have no power over us.

What Are You Going To Do?

The winds are already blowing and He’s looking for sons and daughters willing to put boots on the ground.

Will you be His whirlwind?

Doing so requires action.  He’ll do the heavy lifting, but you must be willing to do the inner work that prepares you.  When you’re confident in who you are and you’re submitted to His purposes, fear will no longer define you. The whirlwinds will lose their power over you and you’ll become the force for change that God created you to be.

Confident. Submitted. Fearless.

Let those be the words that describe you in this season.