Part 1: Ghosts In The Machine

Join us, Saturday, October 12th for part 1 of the Identity Warfare Series

Ghosts in the machine is a term that refers to left-over, outmoded code buried deep within a computer program that gets in the way of current operations. Like computers, we all have old code that has taught us how to navigate the world and protect ourselves from pain and loss. Unfortunately, it's those very ghosts that keep us from accomplishing what we are created to do. But we can change that.
  • Workshop Topics:

    Recognize: the unique scheme the enemy has designed to derail your purpose

    Discover: how your childhood shaped your view of money

    Examine: your role in creating circumstances in your life that you don't want

    Reframe: your perspective on the key moments that have defined your life

  • The Details:

    Location: 2340 E. Trinity Mills Rd, Ste: Carrollton, TX

    Date: Saturday, October 12th

    Time: 9am -12pm

    Price: $35

    **Light refreshments provided

Are you ready to remove the obstacles that have been holding you back?

In this workshop, we'll look at deliverance through the lens of purpose, uncovering and removing the unique roadblocks that the enemy has designed to keep us from accomplishing our kingdom assignments.  You don't want to miss it!

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  • How am I complicit in creating the circumstances in my life that I say I don't want?
    - one of the key questions we'll look at in Ghosts In The Machine -

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Who Is This For?

Break off your limitations.  Impact your world

This workshop is designed to help if you:

    • Always seem to come up short of your goals
    • See repeating cycles of self-sabotage in your life
    • Desire to help the people you lead
    • Are a parent that sees the beginnings of the enemy's strategies against your children
    • Always seem to lack the resources needed to accomplish your kingdom assignment
    • Are committed to doing the work to remove the obstacles that have been blocking your purpose.


  • When you just can't seem to break through, you have to stop and ask yourself, "Why?" Why has the enemy chosen THIS particular attack?

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Join us for our first workshop, Ghosts In The Machine!

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